We’d love to you have you join us for a class or train with us for however long you are in Whistler.

Scroll down for details on the 2020 OPEN



We are fortunate to have guests from around the world drop in and train with us. We want you to make our gym your home away from home. (We do expect that you have CrossFit experience before joining any of our classes. We are strict on this rule, so if you have any questions about this, please contact us before arriving for class.)

 If you are here for a casual drop in, the cost is $22 plus taxes ($25 for the 90 min class). If you buy a shirt when you are here (Shirt price is $30) , then we’ll only charge you an extra $15 for that T-shirt. (That’s $37 for both a T-shirt and a drop-in. Prices do not include taxes).  If you plan on training with us on a frequent basis while here. We offer a couple of options; 1 week pass, 2 week pass and 10x punch card. You can see our prices on our rates page.

We ask all of our clients to pre-register for classes, and the same goes for guests. (We do this because we limit the number of athletes per class.) If you plan on purchasing any apparel or a pass option you don't see available for online purchase, we still want you to reserve your spot by paying the drop in rate online and completed the liability waiver prior to arrival. 

Entering your credit card details and pre-purchasing your drop in fee is necessary prior to arrival. We see way too many guests reserve spots and never attend. We'd like to avoid this as it takes away the opportunity for other guests and our members to attend. We accept Visa and M/C. Our website will accept Visa or Master Card. 

After paying the $22 drop-in (Once you are here.), there would be an extra $15 plus taxes for the purchase of a T-shirt. We’ll also extend a discount to our Hoodies. Prices vary between $60-$100, but since you’ve already paid the $22 drop in, we’ll charge your drop in fee towards the purchase of the a for the Hoodie.

self serve

To sign up for classes head to our schedule and create a profile as a new user. Once you’ve created a profile you can register for classes. In order to reserve, the system will charge your credit card to reserve a space.



the 2020 Crossfit open

Does your Whistler vacation happen to overlap with the CrossFit Open. We can help. Over the years we've helped many guests do their workouts and be judged, and they've helped us with some judging along the way. 

Friday night will be our community throwdown night. Having said that, Friday not isn't the only time you can do the OPEN at our gym. There are a total of 2 timeframes you can register to do the OPEN WOD. Friday evening or Saturday late morning. If you click over to our schedule, you can register for whatever times suits you best. Look for the class that says 2020 OPEN WOD, and register away. (Note that we can't guarantee that our class timing will flow correctly, as we don't know the time domain of the WOD, and how many people can do the workout at the same time. We will most certainly do our best!)

Every year that schedule accommodates most people, but not everyone. So, if you can't make any of those times, here are your options. As you read on, please keep in mind that we are not trying to charge more than our drop in rate of $22 per class. But we also have classes to run, clients to prioritize clients, and a small gym to make everything work. 

We do have some “open gym” classes on our schedule. That is a great time to do an open WOD. But, a judge on call waiting on you to arrive is not a fair expectation. You can bring someone to judge you, that will work. If you need to have someone on call to judge you, we do charge for this fee. Please enquire if you need to hire. But truth be told, we’d prefer one of the previous options work for.

If you are looking to do the workout right when it's released, then unfortunately we can't help you. I say this because without prior knowledge of the workout, and how to properly judge it, I can say without hesitation that we won't be prepared. There is potential for doing it later in the evening. However, that cannot be determined until the workout is released. 


here to stay?

We offer a variety of passes, so if your visit to whistler is more permanent, we’d be happy to make your Opus Athletics your new place to train. Please visit our rates page for longer pricing options. We sell 1 week and 2 week passes. As well as a monthly pass. We will also offer a couples rate for those that not only stay together, but train together. 

So to sum things up, we’d love to have you join us for a workout! But, we need you to sign in to classes, please don’t just show up. You can always call or email to get yourself registered in.


You might find that our gym runs a little differently than the one you train at. Should you feel uncomfortable or have questions, please bring it up to our trainer so that we can help you out. We program CrossFit  Mon-Tue-Wed-Fri-Sat, with Thu-Sun off. We do have some specialty classes throughout the week, and Sunday the gym is closed. You’ll note that we do not post our WODs. We do have a weekly training layout that we post on Facebook and Instagram that is helpful to know what to expect. We can accommodate any injury or modification out there, so you have nothing to fear. If you feel the workout needs modification, we are always happy to assist.

Lastly, we are not set up for you to do your own programming unless you arrive at Open Gym Times. So if you’d like to train with us, be prepared to follow what we are doing. (We do our best to accommodate slight changes to programming if we can, but our priority is to run the class.) If you have a special request that falls outside what’s described, email us and we’ll do what we can.

I CROSSFIT, BUT MY FRIEND DOESN'T - can he or she come to a Crossfit class?

Unfortunately, to attend a CrossFit class, you need CrossFit experience. It has zero to do with fitness level, as it could well exceed the average person, or  maybe fitter then any of our clients. But, we have no way of ensuring safe execution of the exercises. All risk no reward would be how I would put it. This policy is to ensure we can provide quality training to our clients and guests, and cannot do so unless all of our guests have CrossFit experience.