You are here because you are interested in training with our team. Which is perfect, because we want you here training too! 


Our approach


At Opus Athletics we believe that functional movements are the cornerstone to health and fitness. As humans we were designed to move perfectly, but we are our own worst enemy. The things we love to do (Skiing, Biking, Snowboarding, Running, etc...) can sabotage our ability to function optimally, look to our training to turn that around. CrossFit states that specializing is the enemy. As true as that statement may be in the gym, we realize that you will specialize outside the gym, and have specific goals that reflect that too. At Opus Athletics, we recognize and accommodate for it. But we never let go of the idea that you are only as fit as your scope of training, so we ensure that we paint as broad a fitness stroke as possible. Hence using CrossFit as the core of our training program. 

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I train CrossFit already

Perfect! If you are visiting, come join us for a class by registering via our scheduler. If you are here to stay, then we'd love to make this your new home.  We love to meet all of our new clients first to get to know you and your goals. And to give you the low down on how things operate here, programming, scheduling, etc....Schedule in your orientation by email today. 

WE CARE about you

With your safety in mind, we need to ease you in to the program. Moving like a Gymnast, understanding how to move a barbell like an Olympic Weightlifter and Powerlifter are skills can take a lifetime to achieve. Joining classes without some basic instruction on how to move and meet our exercise standards is something we don't allow.

Here's how we get you started


We want to take you through a series of 4 classes to show you how to properly execute the foundational CrossFit movements. The first one is free, and is called an orientation. That we book upon request, and is by appointment only. The next 3 we offer at specific times, and is scheduled after the orientation is complete. 

We include a free orientation/assessment. This is where we’ll start! Schedule a time to come and meet the coach, and get a small sample of what CrossFit is all about. Contact us by email today to set that up. 

Cost for all 3 foundations sessions is $66. And is currently packaged with a month of training once the foundations is complete for a total of $200 plus taxes. Schedule your orientation to see what the fuss is all about. 

Still Interested?

If you would like to schedule your foundations sessions, or are interested to learn more about the Specialty Classes or our CrossFit Classes in general, we ask that you schedule an orientation with one of our trainers. We want to meet you, find out what you’re all about. We want to know what your health and fitness goals are. And we want to share with you our training philosophies, and how we plan on getting you to your goals.

We suggest you read the entire What we Do page before contacting us, it will help answer a lot of questions that you may have. Please make sure the first thing you do is schedule an orientation with us before expecting to join our classes.


Schedule your orientation by emailing us today!