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We program CrossFit classes 4 days a week. Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat. On Tuesday or Thursday you won't see a CrossFit class on the schedule. You'll find either Endurance class or an Olympic Lifting Class. This allows you, the user, to tailor your week of training around your specific goals. As coaches, we don't feel that 6 days/week is a necessary training volume to see improvements in your fitness. Sometimes, less is more. For individual advice on what days to train/rest, please ask your coaches for advice. 

class Descriptions


Our CrossFit class is as advertised. You can expect over the course of the week to be exposed to our strength programming, our metabolic conditioning, olympic weightlifting, gymnastic skills, in as varied of format as we can deliver. 

Crossfit 90

We offer a longer, 90 minute class on Saturday. This allows us to diversify our programming, and allow us to do things we normally could not in a 60 minute window. Note this class is slightly more expensive for drop ins, $25 instead of our $22. 


Classes offered Thursdays and Saturdays with our goals exactly as it sounds. The focus is on more steady state work and longer workouts. During winter months the Erg (Rowing Machine) is a prime focus, whereas summer months it switches to running. There is less emphasis on strength or high skilled movements during these sessions to promote a more sustained effort during workouts.

Olympic lifting

Classes are offered Thursdays and Saturdays. Our focus is to improve your technique and competency in the Snatch and The Clean & Jerk. Expect skills and drills, lifting heavy or for skills, as well as assistance work. 


Open gym

We have open gym hours most days of the week, and often twice per day. Open gym is there for you to use to either do the programmed class that day. Or to practice/specialize on areas that interests you. There is always a coach in the room during these classes, however classes are not structured. And coaches are often working with clients during this time. 



These classes are offered as a part of a session periodically throughout the year. We teach standards and techniques of the basic movements used in the above classes to bring new clients up to speed to join our gym/programs.


private sessions and group training

Private sessions are another great way to experience what we do. If you have specific goals that you'd like to have a coach work with you towards, then this is the way to go. Email to schedule your session in today.



dropping in from out of town?

We’d love to you have you join us for a class or train with us for however long you are in Whistler. Check this link in for more info.

self serve

To sign up for classes head to our schedule and create a profile as a new user. Once you’ve created a profile you can register for classes. In order to reserve, the system will ask for a credit card but will not charge you. If you plan on buying a T-shirt or a hoodie, we still ask you to reserve online and we can work out the difference once you are here. (Sizes and inventory fluctuate.)