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JOrdan Glasser

“I am part of the Crossfit community because they have defined fitness, challenged it, and continue to mould the program that I teach today. Oh, and it produces far and away the best fitness results on the planet!”

A little about me and why Crossfit is my passion … I didn’t begin my quest for knowledge in the fitness world to pursue a career, I did it because it’s what I love to do! As I began to age, the sports I did so effortlessly, began to require a little more training. A couple of rehabs later I understood the importance of health, and pre-hab (What I refer to as being healthy to prevent re-hab!). I was extremely fortunate to stumble upon the first CrossFit Affiliate in Seattle back in 2005, way before anyone knew what CrossFit was. And their team gladly took me in, and let gain as much knowledge as I could from an unbelievable staff.

From the moment I participated in my first Crossfit workout, I knew my life would take a new direction, and boy has it ever.  From my first class back in '05, to CrossFit Affiliation a year and a half later in 2006, to a proud affiliate owner since 2008. I am proudly a part of the Crossfit community. They have defined fitness, challenged it, and continue to mould the program that I teach today. It not only helped me achieve all of my previously escaping fitness goals, it’s answering goals I never would have fathomed possible!

I have watched individuals with poor health become healthy, average people become athletic, athletes become elite athletes, elite athletes push the level of their sports. More importantly, I have seen people achieve goals, conquer chronic pain and injuries, gain confidence, and believe in themselves in ways they never thought possible. I can say all of this, because I am one of those people. I have studied the movements and methodology, and I would love to show you what I’ve learned.

My passions in life are being active- sports that include snowboarding, skiing, hockey, racquet sports, biking, hiking, olympic weightlifting, trying new sports, and not be left out- CROSSFIT.


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  • crossfit running certificate

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  • greg everett's catalyst athletic olympic lifting Level 1 certified

  • crossfit nutrition certificate

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  • crossfit movement and mobility certificate

  • crossfit kids trainer certificate

  • crossfit football certificate

  • nsca certified personal trainer (national strength & conditioning association)

  • usaw club coach certification (usa weightlifting association)


Ashmead Collage Honors Graduate - Fitness Trainer Program

marley orange

Graduated Bishop’s University in 2013 with a double major in Health Psychology and Sports Studies.

Started CrossFit in 2012 in Whistler while here on my summer vacation, and continued to train while back in school bouncing between two gyms.

I grew up loving and playing sports; Soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, etc… Any and all sports really. It continued with playing Varsity Basketball in CEGEP at heritage college. After discontinuing to play varsity basketball in university, something was missing from my life. When I started CrossFit I was hooked from the first foundations class. It brought back a competitive nature and drive that I lacked in the gym. And the rest…. is history!











Austin Evans

After walking into Crossfit Whistler in 2009 at the young age of 14, I knew this was the place for me. Always being into athletics, I enjoyed a variety of sports; snowboarding, wakeboarding, football, soccer, and baseball. None compared to the passion I had for Hockey. I played Junior hockey all over Canada, and College in US. I would squeeze as much CrossFit in to my Off-ice training as possible. It only made sense to take my Level 1 certification and pursue the coaching side. I am now fortunate enough to not only call myself a CrossFit Coach, but also pursue CrossFit as sport. What CrossFit has taught me, I hope to pass on to all of you! To pursue your passions, to break through your limitations, to realize that through hard work you can reach beyond your goals. My goal as a coach is for you to feed off my energy, feed of my enthusiasm, and help you reach beyond your fitness goals. I love CrossFit, I love this Community, and it has changed my life in so many positive ways. I am here to help you say the same thing! 


  • crossfit level i trainer

candice masson

I grew up with gymnastics and skiing being the most consistent activities on my list. I discovered Crossfit in 2010 while living in Victoria BC, and quickly made it a part of my routine. I joined Crossfit Whistler in 2011 after a move from the ocean to the mountains. I took up some new activities with the move which include cross country and downhill biking which are now a couple of my favourite things to do. I stay busy during the day working as an ESL (English Second Language) teacher in whistler, so in 2014 it was a natural decision to combine her love for teaching with her passion for crossfit and become a CrossFit coach. I have a CrossFit is a level I Certificate completed my  Crossfit Gymnastics Certificate in March 2015.


  • crossfit level 1 trainer

  • crossfit gymnastics certificate

amanda steel & her sidekick zeus

Amanda is THE BOSS- if you know what I mean;)  She’s what keeps the engine running clean and moving forward. 

Amanda grew up in the UK as avid Football player and Cross Country and Track Runner. Her passion grew from running to snowsports, and that is how she landed in Whistler. Participating in the Pro-Ride Snowboard camps led her to move from the Salon’s of Kensington Church Street to the powder on Whistler Blackcomb. Now she not only runs her own home business cutting hair, but also finds time to manage the gym and be a full time Mom.


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Lison Boilard

Lison moved to never never land (Whistler) in 2005 after completing a hotel management degree in Montreal. Growing up in a small town in the country motorsports were a big part of her culture and she never looked back. Moving to BC was eye opening to so many other sports. Going from dirt biking and sledding to snowboarding and mountain biking was incredible. So many new sports and new challenges as well. Taking on half marathons and triathlons to name a few. Once Lison gave CrossFit a go in 2011, that proved to not only be the biggest challenge, but the most gratifying. She was in love. 

Combining her love for kids and CrossFit training, becoming a kids instructor couldn't have made for a more perfect fit. With her 2 passions combined in to one, Lison headlines our younger kids programs.