Training Programs for Kids and Youth


Kids And Young Teens Programs


We offer programs for kids and teens. Our gym philosophy doesn't differ for our youth programs, we still believe in the same fitness principles and the training methodology in which we teach it. The main difference is the delivery. 

We focus on fitness being FUN & ALL INCLUSIVE. We teach your children how to move their bodies functionally. We have an opportunity to carve out a lifetime of good movement patterns that help them develop in to whatever sport or discipline they choose. The notion of sport specific training is something I do not believe is necessary for any child or youth regardless of their competency in his or her sport. Our goal is increase all fitness skills which will help anyone improve on their specific sport.



Kids Halloween Edition

2019 fall SESSION
sept 9 - nov 1


Friday 3:15-4:00pm

$96- 1 day/week

(5 person minimum for sessions to proceed.)


Tuesday 3:15-4:00pm

$96- 1 day/week

(5 person minimum for sessions to proceed.)

Kids ages 10-12

 Monday/Friday 3:15-4:00pm

2 days/week $96
1 day/week $160

 (5 person minimum for sessions to proceed.)

Young teens aged 13-17

Mondays/Wednesday/Friday 4:00-5:00pm

2 days/week $216
1 day/week $120

(5 person minimum for sessions to proceed.)


To register, or for any enquiry contact us for details.



Teenagers aged 16 and up

This age group does not have a specific class or session. Depending on the individual, they would either be best suited to train with the young high school age group. Or, we would integrate them in with the adult sessions. For integration with the regular CrossFit Sessions, going through our foundations would be our first step, you can read about it here.


Private groups

Varsity Initiative

Varsity Initiative


If you have a private group or sports team looking to increase your fitness and improve group dynamic, look no further. We have successfully worked with youth and adult Sports Teams of all types. From Hockey to Football to RollerDerby. We specialize our training to cater to the specific team goals. Still keeping our focus on what we do best, with functional exercises being that foundation.


That's not all, we can work with your business team, a group of friends, or even a bachelor/bachelorette party. We've done it all before! 


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