Training Layout Dec 5-11

Lots of things to discuss on this weekly report, none of it has to do with the training layout. In no particular order:


It’s time to vote for the pique best of whistler, the pique newsmagazine annual survey. Get your hand in and vote, you can see it here:


Christmas Party is this Saturday. It’s back at the gym, and it we are hitting up an old faithful theme. Christmas Sweater. It kicks off at 6pm, so that means no classes that evening. It’s a BYOB, BYO appy as a pot luck style. Family’s invited. 


The party has also been names Steph’s Farewell. Which is bitter sweet. Steph has been part of the CrossFit Whistler Opus Community for 4 years! That’s countless squats, pull-ups, high fives… and not to mention blood, sweat and tears. Ok, the tears are just me…… 

As coaches, we’re all so different. Yet, the one thing we have in common is our passion for training and health. All of our coaches are forced to juggle that passion and other jobs, other pursuits, and not to mention personal goals. If you know Steph, you’d know just how much is on her plate. Not only has she been employed full time for Whistler Blackcomb since she started. And is constantly seeking outdoor adventures, from biking to hiking and skiing in the winter. Oh, and if you are in the Netball scene, you know Steph. But somewhere between all of that, and coaching at the gym, she has found time for another career path on Message Therapy. If you are asking yourself, how does someone have time for all of that……well, the answer unfortunately became, there is not enough time for all of those pursuits. And after 4 years, with not enough time in the day, Steph is moving on. And although her days are too short, you’ll be sure that Steph will continue to fill hers up to the brim, making the most of the opportunities of what’s ahead. We wish her the best, and hope we haven’t seen the last of her in the gym. Her last official day of coaching is on Tuesday morning. So don’t miss out on one last ass kicking! Or, show up on Saturday and send her off in style. 


On a change of topic, it’s December. And that means a small change in the schedule. The 9am and 10am class on Mon/Wed/Fri has been morphed in to a 9:30am start. And rightfully so, most that have the opportunity to make it to the gym at that time are on the mountain. Since opening day, both those classes combined never exceeded 12 people, so combining the class makes for a much better training environment. If need to get your workout in earlier, then sign in to the open gym at 8. You don’t have to be there at 8 sharp, but do allow yourself enough time get that workout in before the 9:30am class starts. 


And last but not least. Did you know there’s been a cancellation/no show pandemic at the gym. Of course you know. We all know because we can all see who is registered for classes you are registered for. And we can then see who failed to show up. If you think we are not disappointed, you are wrong. So many times your peers are asking about you. As coaches, we are wondering where you are. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We all count on each other, and lean on each other. Don’t let us down. 

Training Layout Nov 28-Dec 4

Welcome to winter! For all that goes in to the ups and downs of how much snow there is on the mountain in the offseason, and when it will open. Let this be a reminder of the fact that 3 days is all it takes to make it happen. So for future years, spare yourself the roller coaster of a ride during October and November. Because all that matters is what you’ve seen this week. And it’s been nothing short of spectacular. Still again, I remind you, it’s early, play safe!


When looking at our crew of clients, your exposure to the snow varies between having gone up everyday, to having not been up at all. The one thing you all have in common is that keeping yourself functional is the key to keeping the body going optimally. In english, make sure you keep yourself moving, and hitting the gym regularly. Just make sure you honour those riding legs. Which means lightening loads where necessary, reducing weights where appropriate, and spending time paying attention to your range of motion. And doing something about it when it's not up to par. Example being. If you come tomorrow during the box squats, and find yourself struggling to move well. Don’t be stubborn and “see what happens when you go heavy”. Keep the weights in an area to work on technique, and spend some time mobilizing between sets so that you can undo some of the tightness that days of shredding have taken on the body. 


Another point- As you are introducing another output to your training. Give yourself some time to adapt. You can’t hit up a sport you haven’t done in a long time and expect to be optimal. I’m sure you’ve had sore legs. Tired legs. But, I’m also sure you’ve been strong on your feet. Strong core, all of which parlaying into being better at what you do. Keep both activities alive. Prioritize with your personal goals in mind. Not mine. And make sure you lay your foundation in both sports now so that the rest of the winter is a breeze!


Enjoy the week. 


Oh- Small recap from weightlifting skills and drills. So much going on, we as coaches understand. Heck, we fight the same battles as you! Just because I can coach, doesn’t mean I can lift! (Train with me and you'll see). Stick with honouring the process. Mastering the little bits. When you start to win the little battles, the rewards are plentiful! You’d be surprised what battle you might be losing… It may not be as complex as you think!

Training Layout Nov 21-27

This week I’ll cut right to the chase. Ski season is about to start. Be careful. There’s not much snow out there. And even if there is….. Try to make the most out of the entire season, not be a hero before the real fun begins.


The big to do is Skills and Drills this Sunday. Yes, that’s a Sunday. It’s from 12-2. And is open to all levels. We will spend quite a lot of time on drills, and eventually get to some lifting weights. These are usually a super fun time. Also to note, this week Olympic Weightlifting is gone from Saturday’s normal 9am time and is being replaced by our Mobility Plus Session. I hope we can make this stick. We are looking to find more time(s) to get our mobility sessions in, but, if we do add them in, something has to give. 


Also, we do have our resident Rowing coach Phil in town for this weeks programming. He’ll do his best to help out Tuesdays’ classes (Not sure what ones just yet). And is open to running a rowing clinic. If anyone is interested, we have a week to organize so please let me know.


And last but not least, we’ve started to get geared up for our Christmas Party. We are going to do it at the gym again. Tentative date is Saturday Dec 10th. Time to start booking that night off. We’ll start to release more details once we dial them in.


Farewell, and enjoy the week. Oh, and by the way, it’s a good one!

Training Layout Nov 14-20

How time flies. It feels like every day is a Sunday. A chance to look ahead, and a chance to reflect on the weeks past. When it comes to training, it’s all about what’s in front of you. Sure, what you’ve done is critical to your success, but, your success only lies in your ability to move forward, and that is what you need to look ahead to. That is what you need to cherish, and what should spark your ability to want to thrive. When you oversee a training crew of over 100, there is always reason to celebrate, but there are always a few that are going through a road block, a tough time. And I’ve been there. I’ve had my highs, and had my lows, and truth be told, it’s the lows that define you. What you need to know is this. What makes us feel alive is sweating. Like it or not, exercise, sweat, endorphins, are all things that make us feel good. When you get out of your routine, you lose those endorphins, and the world closes in. Every week I see that some of you are struggling to make it here. And I wish you knew how much you are missed. There’s a whole team of people that depend on each other. To provide that spark to grind through those tough workouts. To leave the gym a better you. To leave that knowing you are stronger that you were yesterday. And if you have to scale workouts because theres an injury to work around, you are not losing out, you are the big winner. You may not think it to be so, but, I can assure, 10 years of training others, whether privately or in groups, it couldn't be more true.  Those that continue to work to improve, whether it’s on a limited basis or it's full steam ahead, are going to be miles ahead than those who stop altogether. Your mind and body need your sweat, need your endorphins. So be here with your Opus family, we are here for you, please be here for us!


As for the week ahead, Monday couldn’t be a more perfect CrossFit day. You’ll need mobility. You’ll need strength. Speed, Power, Skill to make the most of it. But, it will all be over pretty quick! We’ll keep the rest of the week rolling- pushing strength boundaries, endurance, mixed with some skills in there. And a great finish to the week. 


Before I sign off, there’s been many asking for Mobility class to go back on the schedule. And I do hear you. It should be there. We are going to start to squeeze it in the schedule here shortly, as well as look in to how we can improve our overall class layout. So, any input on things you’d like from us, now’s a great time to let us know. 


Enjoy the week. 

Training Layout Nov 7-13

We are well in to prepping for winter. Some of you I’m sure have been on snow, while others will start their snow sliding season before you know it. Let’s call this post, “How to enjoy the entire ski season”. Or, AKA, “Don’t be a Dumbass”.


Before I shed some light on early ski conditions, let me remind everyone of some basic laws of training. You adapt to the stresses placed upon your body. And, as fit as you may be, you have not skied or snowboarded yet this year. So, it means that once you do, there’s a good chance that your body is going to feel it. And, that you will require time to recover from those new types of exercise exposures. Do not confuse that with lack of fitness. Your fitness level will show dividends with your ability to recover faster, and adapt to these new stresses. There are 2 major reasons for this. 1, we do not train in a way that mimics skiing and snowboarding. As those sports are fun as hell, but when mimicked in the exercise world excessively, it will encourage and create muscular imbalances. You know, the ones you are trying to overcome from spending a ton of time riding. 2. riding is a sport that is done over the course of hours, and training we measure in minutes. In short, make sure you give yourself a little time to find your riding legs, they’ll be there in no time!


Also, that first few big days can be really play havoc in to your ability to hit the gym hard. Please don’t confuse that with the inability to train and ride. Yes, you can do both, just like you can ride your bike and train, but that took a bit of time to acclimatize to. Skiing will to. So, if you need to adapt your training slightly, please do. I know I might. The change will look involve some of the following. 

  • extra mobility to work pre and post work. Work is both riding and training.
  • Less emphasis on intensity of strength training, more emphasis on ROM and technique (which is short lived)
  • Keeping the intensity of WODs the same. However, that means I have to scale things accordingly. Example. If you do Fran in 7 minutes RX’d. But, you legs are heavy from a big pow day. Scale the weight down some, so that you are still going to finish is 7 minutes. Don’t keep it Rx’d, and finish the WOD in 11 minutes. 
  • And, here’s the most important part. Changing the volume, or the movements themselves, if they don’t match my riding output. It’s not wussing out, it’s not about proving whether or not I can do the WOD. It’s about longevity, and what your goals are in training. 

Remember, when we program, we do it a week ahead. We don’t know the weather forecast, we don’t know how often you get up the mountain, we don’t know how many hours you’ve been working, or how many hours of sleep you get per night. So making these changes are often the best thing for you. Don’t be shy to make them, or approach the coach about scaling options.

For the Dumbass portion, it's really easy. Don't be a statistic! Riding is a high risk sport. Injuries are a common occurrence. Some are unavoidable. But many are. And you certainly don't need to be that guy/gal who is seen on crutches after day 1, or day 7. Early season, don't be a dumbass. Don't assume the mountain is the same as it was last season. If you've seen the terrain you ride on over the summer months, you'd know it's nothing more than rocks, tree stumps, fallen trees,etc... covered by snow. The only reason you slide over it is an "abundance" of winter snow. So that means, don't take air blindly, your landing may not be what you remember it. I'm assuming you have the entire season to enjoy yourself, not just the first week, or the first month. Respect the mountain, it's terrain, and the risks involved. Enjoy it for all it's worth, but, for the love of Pete, ease in to it.  


For the week ahead, not much share, other than….. it’s another good one. For some, I look at Saturday’s benchmark as I must do! Others, will love Friday’s Barbell fun. And everyone will appreciate the skill practice all over Wednesdays’ training. Especially the gymnastic circuit- Bar Muscle Ups anyone? Slightly different layout for Tuesday’s AMRAP is a nice change. DL monday! 


Enjoy the week,

Training Layout Oct 31-Nov 6

We start Monday off with a Halloween WOD. Yes, we want you in costume! If you read no further, you have all the instructions you need!


For the rest of the week on the CrossFit, I would consider the beginning of the week “work” focused.While the end of the week is more skilled focused. I look forward to Monday’s partnered day, as it’s not that often we program partnered WODs. I like it because I know I am supposed to rest for around half the workout. Which means, I am not shy to work hard during the other half. I also love the variability behind the WOD, as I really don’t know how much work I am going to do before it starts, which is a nice change. 


Endurance does feature a benchmark WOD on Thursday. So, once again, if you record your data, it will allow you to make the most out of the workout. And if you don’t….. then start! We are also continuing on our strength, endurance style. As we repeat moves from week to week, it is our hopes that you look to push a little more weight each time. 


Lastly, I would like to comment on the comments I’ve received about the amount of lunges and leg work we’ve been doing as of late. Yes, it sure does feel like a lot. And yes, it has left many of you a little sore for days on end. And yes, it’s not by accident. Skiing could be upon us in just a few weeks time. And when it does, you will be more than happy to have legs of steel. Of course, you all know that scaling or even changing an exercise or 2 is not only an option when you’re sore, but it’s advised. 


Enjoy the week!

Training Layout Oct 24-30

Before we take a look at the week ahead, I’ll take you through a journey of the weekend that just passed. Since most that follow these posts follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you are well aware that Marley and Austin competed this weekend at Fraser Valley Throwdown. As much as the results tell a story, they don’t always tell the whole thing. I’ll forego an entire recap, as that’s no fun either, but, I will give you my take on what two unbelievably hard working, good people achieved this weekend. And why I am so proud that they not only represented our gym in vancouver competing, but represent our gym as coaches day in and day out. 


Let’s start with the results. Austin finished 4th overall. Marley Finished 13th overall. Both qualified for the final WOD, which in it of itself is quite the accomplishment. 

Marley’s highlights have to be her 4th place finish in event 3. DL’s and Rope climbs. Just 1 place behind the overall winner, who’s a regional qualifier. NBD. Beyond the stats of the weekend, it’s hard to look past at how far Marley has progressed, and all of the work she’s put in to compete on the MainStage at an Rx’d competition with some heavy hitters. On top of that, it was hard to take a picture and not find her smiling. I think she was in her happy place. 

As for Austin, everyone wanted to know how I thought he would do entering the comp? And truth be told, when it came to his results, I had no idea. Mostly because I had no idea who he was competing against, and because he has never competed at a CrossFit event. And, just like Marley, by far the my most proud moments are just watching all the hard work and effort in the gym pay off. Again, between the two of their smiles, sportsmanship, and overall qualities that make good people, how can you not feel like they killed the event. So, a 4th place overall, with only 1 point away from landing on the podium was definitely worth the suspense. After a 7th place performance on WOD 1, which was a text book 127kg 3rm front squat with no rack turning out to be his lowest ranking WOD, where can you find anything to be disappointed with. But after watching him be the first athlete to finish WOD 2 in his heat, while everyone got time capped, his smile was worth it’s weight in GOLD.


Make sure you guys feel proud of your accomplishments this past weekend. And, I’m sure you have an even bigger fire lit to train harder. Make sure you do no such thing for the next few day ;) And before I go…. A big Thank You. You could not be better ambassador’s for Opus, and of course, letting me Coach you along the way!


As for the week that’s passed, and week to come….. I have no choice but to make this short now! Opus 60, WOW! Now that was a WOD to be reckon with. We’ll see that one again, and we’ll see it soon. Randy…. I can’t believe how many names got on the leaderboard. Oh, and I do need to mention, speaking of LeaderBoard, Gemma making leaderboard for a 2k row, that was part of a workout, not the workout in it of itself. That was awesome. 


This week is benchmark-less. Which is a good thing. Meaning that even though you are going to go through some good workouts and push hard, there’s no need to hit any workout like it’s your last. There’s a good mix of skills as well, especially on Saturday’s WOD. Come hit everyday this week!



Training Layout Oct 17-23


This post is here to pump you up about the week ahead. But I don’t know how relevant it is. Cause you guys are ready to go! With rainy season upon us, you are either in Whistler and training, or on vacation somewhere. Last week we’ve seen some incredible attendance from most of you. In other words, what else are you doing with the weather the way it is. So, keep it rolling, and hit it hard again this week.


My favourite this week is the Opus 60 WOD. I can’t wait to see how everyone does hitting it. For some, let’s see if you can sprint it. Others, pacing through just to make it happen. Either way, I’m excited. In fact, I’m sure I’ll have done it before Wednesday, as I don’t think I can wait that long. The rest of the week will prove to have it’s ups and downs. From the Monday’s single modality Benchmark, to Saturday’s Upper Body Pump from Lynne. 


If I can ask 1 thing…. That is for you guys to continue to record your data in the app, or at home on the computer. Some of you have been on top of it, but some have either been lazy, or haven’t used it at all. If you want to pull data from past results, you’ll need to use your computer to see past results. Once we are 3 months deep, you’ll start to reap the benefits of having everything recorded. So if you are on it, keep it up. And if you haven’t been doing it… then get on it!


Enjoy the week

Training Layout Oct 10-16

If you are not thinking that winter is around the corner…. then buckle up! Quite the snow line up there, Thanksgiving has past us by, and not too long now before winter season is in full effect. In the meantime, the change of season means you have to keep a few things in mind when hitting the gym.


1. It’s colder. And you might need more time to warm-up! So walking through the doors when class starts means you are late. And I don’t say it because you are holding up the class and it’s a nuisance. I say it because you owe it to yourself to get in here a few minutes early and start moving your body. For many, there are movements that put a high demand on the body to accomplish. Think overhead squatting. If you need to get things moving to make those happen, please arrive with time to warmup, mobilize, and take part in the group warmup. 

2. This needs to be said, because I need to protect you from yourself. And, that’s a good thing. Because you are willing to push yourself, that is why you get results in everything you do. Not just fitness! But, you have to make smart decisions in the gym if you want to continue to get fitter and train. In short, when we prescribe things, like weights for example, just because you can do the weight, or have in the past, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for you at this very moment. If you know you can’t look good while doing a workout, then scale it down. You have my permission. You always do. For those new to the program, all the way to those that have been training CrossFit for over 10 years. I scale many things. And have zero shame in doing so. The one scenario might be if I trained for something specific, like a 1/2 marathon run. Or a CrossFit comp. Or mountain bike race. I would do absolutely everything in my power to compete at the level prescribed. But, coming to the gym isn’t a competition. It’s training. To quote 4x CrossFit Games Champ Rich Froning “In training I listen to my body, in competition I tell it to shut up!” 

3. Most everyone training with us has a greater passion than CrossFit. And that is more than OK. We love it! So, given the time of year, it means that most of you are hoping to be great shape for the upcoming winter season. Now’s the time of year to listen to your body. Those nagging bits that are bothering you, need to be addressed now! This week looks like the rain is coming, so, time to perhaps book that physio you’ve been avoiding. If you need some advice on who can help you deal with some of your misbehaving body parts, our coaches know more than a few practitioners who can help. Or even still, we know a thing or two about where to mobilize, as well as some pre-hab, re-hab exercises to make part of your daily routine.


If you’ve read this far, it was worth it. As this Saturday we do have a skills and drills session on the schedule. Its on Saturday, and is from 11-12:30. It is included for anyone with an unlimited membership. However, if you have a punch card, or are hoping to just drop in to the event, you will have to email to register. Cost is $30 including taxes. This session’s focus is on Push-ups and pull-ups. 


We’ve lost 1 day of training this week…. don’t miss out on what’s left!



Training Layout Oct 3-9

Welcome to October! September is a fun month, as those that were away for the summer tend to make their way back. And…. it’s always fun to catch up! So, if you were waiting for summer to end to make your way back…… it’s time to get in here! 


We officially have 1 more week before we do our 3rd annual half marathon row on the Thanksgiving Monday. I’ve seen a few names up on the board. Big thumbs up! Please note, it’s expected that you do some rowing homework before next monday. As much as you are more than fit enough to row that distance. You should get your butt ready, get your mind ready, and…. have some goals to work towards. As nothing will sink your spirits more than sitting on the machine for 90+ minutes with no purpose to serve! I have last years times posted on instagram and Facebook. It can give you some guidance.


As for the week ahead. We are hitting the half way mark of our 12 week wave. Which, in of itself, isn’t indicative of any thing particular in this week of training. But more to the point we’ll start to see many of things we are looking to improve on start popping up over the next seven weeks. One thing we are introducing, is a strength layering in one of the endurance classes this week. It’s not as focused on lifting heavy weights, but using more unilateral movements. These movements can done with a lot of weight, however, our focus will tend to be addressing single leg imbalances, as well as transferring nicely in to SST (Sport Specific Training, ie. snow sports). 


Last but not least, some of you have seen the Nespresso Machine upstairs, and or seen me bouncing off the walls with caffeine in tow. In the next couple of days I should have a systematic approach on how to take advantage of it. In the meantime, you should know the following. We will be recycling and composting the Pods, as environmental impact is a concern. Believe me, it’s troubled me before knowing that the aluminum pods can recycled unlimited times, and the grounds can be composted. There is also a aerocinno machine, which froths milk. We will keep almond milk onsite to fancy up your coffee. Unfortunately, we will charge for this service. $1.50 for espresso, and $2.00 if you fancy it up with milk. For the short term, none of the systems are in place, so it’s all free for the time being. So enjoy!



Training Layout Sept 26-Oct 2

Let’s start by congratulating all the ladies who nailed the Brandywine Boogey this past Saturday! Thanks for representing. If this group doesn’t stir up the next wave of CrossFitters, I have no idea what will.


In looking at the week ahead… looks good! We’ve got a nice benchmark to start, and a nice one to finish. While we continue to plug away with our strength training, keeping me updating the leaderboard on a weekly basis! I’m lying, I actually can’t keep up.


Some noteworthy conversation… 


When out and about on the town, I often get asked how things are going at the gym. Whether small talk or not, this time of year people always feel that we get super busy as people are getting fit for ski season. And, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Are we busier in the fall, sort of, but it’s not indicative of ski season. I would say the average person makes it to the gym more in the fall than summer, so classes are busier. But for the most part, not a huge spike because ski season is around the corner. Should we change that? Anyone out there want to get fit only for ski season? Or are you happy getting fitter everyday, for anything and everything?


As members here, you are ambassadors of what we do. And, a big thank you is in order. We see so many new faces walk through the door because of you. What those new members, or new prospects need to understand is….. How hard you’ve worked to be where you are today. So many of our members have been training wth us for a very long time. If you are looking at someone who has been training here and say to yourself….. “they look good!” Or "wow, they are fit!”  I want to come to train with Opus and be like them. Well, you need to know, yes, it can be you. But only if you stick to your guns. I find myself saying, you either have a wish or a goal. It’s a goal if you are willing to work towards. It’s a wish if you want it to happen, but don’t do much to make change in your life or in what you do.


Enjoy the week!

Training Layout Sept 19-25

The photo used in this weeks layout was from the Terry Fox Run. Nothing better then the next generation learning some core values to last them a lifetime. Saw many adults holding back tears during the Terry Fox video intro, as everyone’s been touched by cancer at some point in our lives. But those cloudy eyes sure light up watching these kids get pumped for the group warm up before the run. Nothing more rewarding than seeing young ones get pumped up about fitness!


For the week ahead….. as always, I am excited. But, what else is new? The one thing I am not excited about is….. I am still in need of some of you to either update your billing info in the gym, or at home when you log in to Zen Planner. It’s now the 18th, if you haven’t done it yet, please get on it! 


Ok, programming wise. I personally love Monday’s challenge. I would be lying if I said it would be my first choice of workouts. It’s certainly isn’t. But, I can’t remember when I did it last, and I can’t wait to see what happens Monday. More importantly, I can’t wait to see you hit it either! When it comes to the rest of the CrossFit week, every workout is quite different. Friday reminds me of an Open type WOD, but better because it doesn’t go on forever. Wednesday is a nice change of pace hitting a partnered WOD. And Saturday we bring out some toys that might have a hard time coming out again before next spring.


For endurance, now’s a good time to bring up our 3rd annual Half Marathon Row. Nothing in the week of training reflects preparing for it. But, if this is something you are interested in. (Yes, I’m serious, there are people interested in it.) Please start to let your coaches know. As there’ll be some homework you’ll want to do leading up to it. I’ve done it 2 years in a row, and have every intention of hitting it again! It’ll be on Thanksgiving Holiday Monday, where the gym will be closed except for the row. Monday October 10th. 


Enjoy the week!

Training Layout Sept 12-18

Let’s start with the Terry Fox Run. It’s next Sunday the 18th, it’s for a great cause and a great community event. The Four Season’s hosts the event, and did a great job last year. There are 2 distances to choose from, a 4.2km and a 7.2km. In english, it’s for all abilities. It’s also taking place of the running club on Sunday.


Speaking of events, it’s sugar free september. And wow!!! Out of all of the nutritional challenges, this one by far is the hardest to comply. Yes, a whole 30 is meant to be sugar free, but, when you are eating 100% clean and you suspect there is some sugar as an ingredient in a food…. let’s say un-necessarily in a beet salad. You wouldn’t consider yourself having cheated. After all, what’s so bad about beet salad. (FYI, sugar in the beet salad at Olive’s, and it’s delicious.) But to do that this month is a fail! And so yes, I have failed a fair bit in my sugar free month of September. And in most cases, I’ve been blindsided by foods that are healthy, mostly whole, and just those few ingredients, some sugar has been added. I’d love to hear how everyone has been doing. Personally, out of 11 days, I’ve cheated once on purpose, 3 times eating with family, 4 days accidentally, leaving only a few days where I could meet the standards. 


For the record, you guys challenge the heck out of me. On Saturday, Clo commented that had never done as many benchmarks as we do here. She’s trained at other CrossFit gyms. All within the same context of me saying just how many updates need to be made on the leaderboard, it’s insane how many times and scores have to go up there. Allow some explanation. First, let me explain why the leaderboard needs to be updated so badly…. It’s because you are kicking some major a$$! As coaches, we program to improve your fitness. Which, we measure in a series of benchmarks and tests, and the sign that we keep improving on our scores is a sign we are trending in the right direction. We definitely see this more in the summer. And it’s because many of our tests we can only do in the summer. And, it’s also because since we only do them in summer months, that means you are improving on scores you did last summer. Long and short, we need to know that our programming is working. And it’s really important, that on all levels, from our fittest athletes, to those who are brand new, can measure and see our results. I don’t want you to take my word for it. I need you to know. So, if you see a lot of tests, we may feel that it’s time to see you kick some butt, or, we want to create a baseline for future reference. 


And this all ties in to our new Zen Planner scheduling software. You can now enter your results from our daily workouts. It serves more than 1 purpose. Here’s why you should, other than everything I mentioned above.

- It helps coaches have data on what you’ve been up to. I can look you up, see how you’re doing, and check very specific things if necessary. Like, what you did for your last 2k row, to help guide you through the next one. Or to help you execute a row of a similar distance, or intervals perhaps. 

-It allows you to keep track so that you can see your progress! This is huge. You work hard, you’ve earned the right to reward yourself for your progress. 

-It creates a daily leaderboard. Ok, I’m not competitive;) I only will push myself to the point of nearly exploding. (It’s true, just ask Marley, Austin and Candice, I literally thought my arms would explode this week, and or I might pass out.) I didn’t get to that point because I wanted to better than anyone other than myself. I wanted to look at my results and know that’s the time I earned and worked for. Putting down for the world to see gives me that little bit of motivation. Of course, the system allows you to keep your scores private, and that’s not a problem, but, you can still see what’s been done throughout the gym. And hopefully that can give you that extra spark. 


You can track workouts on the app and on a desktop. They won’t be visible until the day of, and it’s up to you to choose to look at them. I’ve always liked not posting the workouts anywhere. So, please don’t use that information against you. Meaning, you better not cancel because you know the workout. They A- can still change before you get her. They can B- be wrong, i’ve known to make mistakes. And C-can easily be modified. 


You might find up to 3 workouts entered/day. So please make sure if you look ahead, you choose the right one. CrossFit, Comp, Endurance, Olympic Weightlifting. 


As for the layout…. no more words left to describe what we’re doing…. But you can also find out!




Training Layout Sept 5-11


For those who have started their 1 month Sugar Free Challenge….I salute you! I am 4 days in and I can’t tell you how many “innocent” foods have sugar. I shared on the Facebook group (Which you should join if you are part of, ask me and I’ll add you) just how hard it is to avoid sugar %100 of the time. Even if you are a conscience eater. So, let’s just say that I am going to try really hard to make it a full day without sugar.


Oh, and we are a few days in to switching our system over to Zen Planner. If anyone is experiencing trouble, please let me know ASAP. The sooner everyone gets their account rolling, and billing information up and going, the sooner I can wrap my head around using the WOD tracking feature. So, please do your best to get on it! 


As for the week ahead, it’s starts with a boom! Monday we are running on a shorter holiday schedule for Labour Day. 9 & 10am, and 4 & 5pm. Holiday workouts are often big benchmarks. Not quite so tomorrow. We’ll see a short Benchmark, with a short time capped max olympic lift. After a solid rest, another 10 minute of clean work. I know I can’t wait ;)


The rest of the CrossFit week might not have a highlight, but, it does look good. I look forward to seeing the consistency of your training payoff. We have a few similar strength pieces, where you have a chance to really show your strength and adaptation. Plus the workouts are neat. The variation of Nasty Girls, the chipper. Can’t wait. 


As for Endurance. Tuesday’s WOD is simple, yet I can’t wait to hit it. It’ll be really effective. And Thursday will promise to provide you with 40 minutes of sweating. 


Enjoy the week,


Training Layout Aug 29- Sep 4

Welcome to….. no, not the Jungle…… to September! Yikes…… 


Some big news around the corner, and that is we are going to be changing our scheduling software starting September 1st! That is really soon. The main reason for the transition is for the ability to track our workouts. We’ve experimented with that feature before, and it was a great tool for those who used it. It went to the wayside due to price. Our new software will have it integrated, making it an easy choice for me to make. The other feature that has prompted the switch, is a better automation system that will keep me in touch with those who have fallen by the wayside. So, within the next few days you’ll be receiving an email prompting you to create a new profile on a new system. 


If you’ve read the last bit and thought…. fallen by the wayside…. that sounds like me! Well, this is step 1 to your wake up call. September is this week, and if you have been taking time off this summer, I hate to be the bearer of bad news…. But summer is over! Get your butt back in here. I’ve seen a few of those faces back already, which is a welcoming site. If you’ve had time off, remember, just because you’ve been active, it doesn’t make you ready for CrossFit. Full Range, Functional exercises will make you sore if you haven’t been practicing them. So, go 50% for the first week, if not, I promise you will be sore, and not in a good way!


There’s something else special about September, and that is one of our dietary months. This time around we are doing a new challenge. I will release the details shortly. It will be the zero sugar month. The premise will be, can you go 1 whole month without consuming sugar, or sugar like additives. I look forward to seeing your reaction to this one!


Oh, and if you are reading this in hopes to get a dial in to the programming side. I’m afraid all of my words have been eaten up by community information. But, the coles notes…. Last week was awesome. Some unbelievable efforts. More importantly, many of you really got a chance to test and learn a bit about yourselves. Some of whom were able to achieve some new PR’s and great results. Others who may not have had the PR moments all week long, but were really able to focus in on there path to success. Both scenarios are invaluable. I hope to get the long list of leaderboard updates for you guys shortly.


Oh, the week ahead. Tuesday we are doing HotShots 19, a Memorial WOD for the 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots Firefighting team that tragically lost their lives in June of 2013 in Yarnell Arizona. That is during the endurance day, so don’t miss out! We’re testing a 1 rm front squat. So for those who hit a nice weight on Monday’s PL Total, keep those big weights rising on Monday. Wednesday we look to diversify the plains of which we strengthen and use our shoulders. While Friday and Saturday we continue plugging away at both trying to improve skill, yet increase our strength and work capacity. 


Enjoy the week, and get ready for some big things in September,



Training Layout Aug 22-28

This week is going to be fun for us coaches. We are putting you to the test(s). We are throwing a wide variety of things at you, and, we can’t wait to see you give it your all. Some tests will cater to the strong, others to the fast. Some for those with great cardio, others for those who like to sprint. Regardless of whether you are in “Test” mode, or, you just want a good workout, this week will offer quite the variety!


Tangent first, D’Arcy was away in Tofino, and was visiting a CrossFit-eque gym, Tofino School of Fitness. No franchises in Tofino. Most of you know Dan Mcmeel the owner, and of course Bob who trains there. Any who, there was a shirt sitting on my desk from there, and on the back, it said: “Move Better”. And I thought to myself….. Bullseye. Perfect. Simple. Spot on. And why I felt so connected to those 2 words is simple. Because it’s the essence of my job. Of all of the coaches. Example being…. On tuesday when I am looking at you guys row, am I looking at your screens to see your split times? Or, am I watching from the side seeing your technique? Am I virtually giving Coach Phil a high five because you’ve been practicing how to row better? Well…. I sure hope so! Sure, I’ll be pumped when I hear you beat your PR. But, there will be a lot of you that have a PR at your disposal, but that day wasn’t your day. I’ll still be pumped if you move better. And you should too. Same goes for tomorrow’s Powerlifting Total. I can guarantee, some PR’s. And I can guarantee some of you will not. But, I can assure you I’ll be pumped if you look good in your lifts. If you give full effort…. If you MOVE BETTER! Thanks Dan, that was a gentle reminder of how simple my job description could be, yet how damn important it is. 


So, the week ahead and what to expect. 

Each day is a new day, and, I can guarantee, some tests you’ll like, and some you won’t. The beauty of all these tests is that are also good workouts. So, if you’ve been Crankworx-ing it up. Lower your targets and enjoy the workouts. If you are locked in to beast mode, set your sights high, and give’r all you’ve got. Short story long, enjoy! My only words of advice, which might arrive a little late is as follows. Starting Monday’s WOD with heavy lifting means show up to class physically prepared, but more importantly body aware. Don’t say, and or do stupid things. Things like: My back’s been a little stiff, but, I’m sure once I put some weight on the bar I’ll be fine. Or, waking up 10 minutes before class starts, and ask yourself to lift heavy things. Or…. getting greedy. Meaning wanting desperately to lift a certain weight that you make ridiculously big jumps to get there. Or…… I can keep going but I won’t. Not sure of what to do when trying to lift heavy weights, ask your coach, get to the gym early.  Need guidance of how much you can lift, look at your log book. Don’t record your weights in any way….. then you make it hard for us coaches to guide you. 


Enjoy the week…. I know I will!

It's been 10 years!

I’ll start by saying that I am sorry. This weeks blog was supposed to be the week to recap our 10 years of affiliation. And well….. it’s not an easy task. I don’t even know where to start! 


With that, I’ve decided that first place I need to travel is in our recent history. And that is thanking everyone who came to Saturday’s Anniversary Party. It’s always fun seeing you guys outside of your sweaty gym gear. I am not saying you don’t put effort in to looking good when you train. I see your matching lulu’s. But y’all sure know how to fix yourselves up! In case you didn’t know… I had a blast. Steve travelled at the way from victoria, some of you guys as far as Pemberton. Again, thanks to all those who came out, it was great times.


As many of you know, not only did CrossFit Whistler turn 10, but I happened to turn 40. And I am not sure how others feel about turning 40, but for me it hardly registered to the magnitude of CrossFit’s 10th anniversary. (Don’t get me wrong, I did get spoiled beyond belief.) So, what does it mean to turn 10?


This is the hardest part of this blog. As it’s hard to tell a 10 year story without mentioning people. But it’s harder to mention everyone that’s had a part! I’m sure to leave people out. Same goes for those who watched Saturday’s slide show. It was an incredible trip down memory lane. And it did capture hundreds of the people that were a part of this community, both big and small. But it certainly didn’t have everyone in there. So many new faces from the new space weren’t there. (Apparently, it was cool to take photos of people working out 5-10 years ago. Not so much anymore.) It’s hard because so many people have touched my life, and made my life a reality. There have been those that have only been here for foundations that have taught me things I have never forgotten. So for me, I really get all choked up inside wanting to Thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. I truly am so grateful, it’s beyond words. 


And it’s funny, so many of you have been thanking me. But it’s really the other way around. I am the one that has to thank you. You want to thank me for being a part of your training. For being your coach. Well, you know how boring it would be to coach a class with zero participants. Exactly! It’s me that needs to thank you. All of you. I’ve learned a lot coaching all of you. From the high level athlete, to those looking to turn their lives around. I need you to be a success. To enjoy what I do. To continue to keep CrossFit Whistler alive for another 10 years… Heck, forever! 


Here’s an example of how you make the gym successful. For the first 9 years we spent $0 in advertising. (Other than the money spent on a website.) Translation is that you are all responsible for bringing in new faces. How you conduct yourself outside the gym is a constant endorsement to our community. So much so, that you encourage others to join in on the fun. So again, a big thank you is in order. Did I mention you should keep it up! Because you should.


More importantly, it’s our understanding of history that will pave our future. So, as I hope that this journey can continue as far as the eye can see, I need you now more than ever. I need you guys to continue to push me, to push our coaches, to have the highest standards. To not be satisfied with just OK. We need your collective motivation each and every day. Yes, as coaches, you need us to lead by example. But truthfully, unless we are there training with you, there’s only so much words can do to light a fire under your a$$. It’s those of you in class that are the true motivators. Iron sharpens Iron. The more you bring it, the more those around you will too. Collectively, classes either finish workouts quickly, or they finish them slowly. Who surrounds you in your hour of training has a large impact on how you will act, and how you will perform during that session. Feeling accountable for your training, either through the eyes of us the coaches, or your peers will enable you to dig deep when you need it most. As coaches, I speak for every single one of them, we applaud your efforts, not your results. Efforts will in turn breed results, but don’t confuse the 2. Just because you feel your time, your weights, your score doesn’t measure up, think again. We care about your effort. We hope, that we encourage you to try, and give it your all. That needs to be the history lesson, and that needs to be what carves our future path. 


Once upon a time I was a personal trainer in Whistler. With zero clients. All I knew about why I had made a career change was to do something I was passionate about. And I knew that I couldn’t fail if I was passionate about what I was doing. Because that passion could not be measured by dollars and cents. So, I ventured to uncomfortable places with the help of family and friends that had my back. They provided the support I needed to grow from zero clients all the way to a place where I was able to open a gym in under 2 years. Even in typing this I am reminded of that motivation, which is still in me. Every orientation and foundations I do, allows me to express what CrossFit means to me, and how we go about teaching it. And even though that teaching has evolved, I never forget how impressionable and impactful it can be on someone’s life as it did mine. It can change them forever. 


So again, if you think you are thankful, think again, it’s me who is thanking you. And when I go and thank those who taught me CrossFit, and helped me along the way, I’m sure they’ll tell me what I am telling you.


As for the week of programming…… Come in and find out!

Training Layout Aug 1-7

It’s officially august. Scary! So all you summer heads, best take advantage of the next month. It also means it’s time to start looking at some fall running events, and get your training on. More on that in a bit.


Programming preview: We start the week off on a holiday, so that means a cheeky big WOD. We’re only open for 2 sessions. 10 and 11am. If you register, prepare to come in and get after it. For the rest of the week, we’ve got a few workouts that are just plain different than what we do on a regular basis. Look no further than wednesday’s CrossFit WOD, as it’s a nice twist on one of this years games WOD. As is Thursday’s endurance WOD, another games WOD revised from 14’. Both will be fun and challenging, but also appropriate for non-games athletes. We’ll finish the week off making sure we get all of our major lifts in this week, as we miss Monday’s strength session. Plus, Saturday will be another fun day of playing around with different toys.


Today Munny had us back getting our stoke for running back on. If you missed, you certainly did miss it. It was a fun one hour session out on the sea to sky trail that is mostly catered for those looking to do the brandywine boogy. Regardless of whether you have a specific run you are hoping to do, or, just want a group to fine tune your running skills with, make sure you join us every sunday at 9am. There’s a schedule up at the gym whiteboard upstairs. Plus our Opus Running Club Group on Facebook that will fill you in on the details every week. The sessions come with homework that you do on your own each week. Don’t miss out!

Training Layout July 25-31

I can’t believe that it’s the last week of July! I feel like one blink of an eye, and summer will be over. But….. in the meantime, we are still programming the heck out of summer months, and not to mention, have the Running Clinics back on! 


We’ll start with the run clinics. Munny is getting the plan going as we speak to gear you up for Running Clinics. They start this sunday, July 31st. The details and start times will be posted at the gym, but, if you are interested, let the coaches know so that we can invite you to the running group we have on Facebook. The sessions we did leading up to the Whistler half were gold, don’t miss out this time around. Even if you aren’t registered any events, this is a must do if you want to enjoy running, become a better runner, and improve on your cardiovascular endurance. 


For the week that lies ahead, the highlights, IMO, are the Endurance classes. They are the ones that will really push you. Many of the CrossFit classes will be trying to improve your base, and influence your ability to get after some workouts that are in the near distant future. But, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I can’t wait for Wednesday’s WOD. Or the chance to flip some tires and climb ropes on Saturday. 


Last but not least….. there was this little event that happened over the weekend called the CrossFit Games. If you missed out on the action, I suggest you check out the incredible athletes, doing unbelievable things. You won’t lack any motivation after watching what they did over the past week.



Training Layout July 18-24

We have officially crossed the middle of July. And we’re all still waiting for summer. Well, not me. Cause it’s here. And if you go back to last year, the extremely nice weather brought along many hardships. The province being on fire is one thing that comes to mind. The other was the extreme heat, and the lack of motivation to train in it. Not this year. We’ve been blessed. Sure, it’s been muggy at times, but all in all it’s been a great balance. I don’t think one person has avoided the gym all month due to weather. You may have other excuses that are working in your favour, but weather sure isn’t one of them. 


Momentum has been building steadily on all sides of our programming, From the young adults that have been coming in at 4, training for their various power sports; Hockey and Football. Plus our endurance aficionados, who literally make a habit of plowing through 30-40 minutes of work as if it were no thing. You should see the looks on guests faces who come to an endurance WOD when they are done! And let’s not forget the CrossFit programming side of things. Where I feel like updating the leaderboard is a full time job.


Looking ahead, it’s all about keeping that momentum rolling. Sure, wednesday’s a benchmark WOD, but, that isn’t the only thing on the radar. We’re on maxing out 2 lifts this week. Important to your improvement, and the ability to do more work on more challenging skills, we have 2 AEOMOM. The goal on those pieces is to gain confidence and proficiency in more challenging exercises. We’ll see it for HSPU, Strict C2B Pullups, Pistols and snatches. It’s these EMOM’s that can really help you succeed at workouts. So use them wisely!


See you for the week of #gains