Training Layout Oct 17-23


This post is here to pump you up about the week ahead. But I don’t know how relevant it is. Cause you guys are ready to go! With rainy season upon us, you are either in Whistler and training, or on vacation somewhere. Last week we’ve seen some incredible attendance from most of you. In other words, what else are you doing with the weather the way it is. So, keep it rolling, and hit it hard again this week.


My favourite this week is the Opus 60 WOD. I can’t wait to see how everyone does hitting it. For some, let’s see if you can sprint it. Others, pacing through just to make it happen. Either way, I’m excited. In fact, I’m sure I’ll have done it before Wednesday, as I don’t think I can wait that long. The rest of the week will prove to have it’s ups and downs. From the Monday’s single modality Benchmark, to Saturday’s Upper Body Pump from Lynne. 


If I can ask 1 thing…. That is for you guys to continue to record your data in the app, or at home on the computer. Some of you have been on top of it, but some have either been lazy, or haven’t used it at all. If you want to pull data from past results, you’ll need to use your computer to see past results. Once we are 3 months deep, you’ll start to reap the benefits of having everything recorded. So if you are on it, keep it up. And if you haven’t been doing it… then get on it!


Enjoy the week