PROGRAMS-What we offer and How we offer it

If you look at the schedule, you'll see that there are offering more of our specialty classes. Endurance and Olympic Weightlifting classes are now offered 3 days/week. This, along with a slight twist to the general programming should make for a much improved product.


In many ways the answer to that question is no. In the past, CrossFit was the core of what we did 5 days per week, and specialty classes 1.5 days per week. However, within the CrossFit programming we would always program days where we specialized. Meaning, even though Thursday was the day to attend an Endurance class on the schedule. You could be sure to see a CrossFit class early in the week that had an Endurance focus. The only difference between the layout now, and before the change, is that everything is a little more transparent. It is clear as mud that on Tuesday, if you'd like to come get your sweat on, come to an Endurance class. 

Obviously this is different from how we've done things in the past. But, from a programming perspective, it's really not all that different. It does however change things from the client's perspective, and that is to allow you to get more of what you are looking from a class by choosing the right one. 



If you are all about the CrossFit. Training for anything and everything. Love the idea of the unknown. And are looking to eliminate any weakness in your fitness game. Then you should be pumped! Yes, you did loose Tuesday as an unknown workout. But in exchange, here's what you gained.

  • More Skills: You can really get after your weaknesses on Tuesday and/or Thursday. If long workouts/cardio is not your forte, then get your butt in to the endurance sessions. And if you have cardio for days, but need to work on your barbell skills and strength, then come to the olympic weightlifting session. 
  • Better CrossFit Programming: Because we can offer our endurance classes on a regular basis, our CrossFit programming can be a little more "CrossFit". Higher skills and higher intensities. We can do this because we know, with 100% certainty, that those who are looking for the lighter side of CrossFit, the longer side of CrossFit, can get exactly what they are looking for 3 days/week. So if our CrossFit seems to be very strength and skilled focus, it's now not only the best way to up your CrossFit game, but, the perfect compliment for the endurance athlete. Win Win!


Our coaches are equally excited about this one. We now can get a true weightlifting program going, by having an opportunity to coach people specifically through 3 sessions per week. 

  • If you really want to focus more on your lifts, not only will practicing them more be of benefit. But, so will doing less conditioning. As much as gaining that extra day of lifting is a plus, taking away a day of unnecessary volume is equally as big. You need to be on your game when it comes to the precision on Olympic Lifting, and this will help!
  • We can also now take someone who is Weightlifting on their own and is looking for coaching, and offer them a program.


Adding the 3rd day of endurance classes seems to be the biggest improvement to our clients needs than any of the above. As a client, you are inevitably classified in to 1 of 2 categories. None of which is better than the other, they are just different. We have those who come to the gym for a workout, and those that come to train. The Endurance classes really appeal to those coming for a workout. And the majority of our clients fall in to this category. The hour you dedicate to the gym, needs to provide you with instant gratification! You want to burn calories, you want to break a sweat, you want to earn it. CrossFit programming can provide you with this, just not all the time, not every day of the week. 

  • 3 days of dedicated Endurance programming will guarantee you 3 days of workouts where you know you are getting a butt kicking! 
  • You can also guarantee that there will be little emphasis on some of the more skilled barbell exercises that can get in the way of a good workout if you have not yet mastered those skills. Take barbell snatches. If a workout calls for 30 barbell snatches at a heavy weight. You can guarantee that someone comfortable with that skill will get an extremely challenging and complete workout. Someone who doesn't have that skill mastered might not get that same good workout with a PVC pipe of empty barbell. Endurance classes you can guarantee that won't happen with you
  • Steady state, longer duration! Yes it's true, CrossFit methodology often shies away from this type of work. And not because it isn't relevant part of training and results. But because it's very hard for this type of training to translate in to shorter duration high intensity training. But, the reverse is true. Hence the heavy emphasis on shorter duration and high intensity for CrossFit. Yet, as true as it is, if you live in a steady state world. You do need to train this way. I can list a ton of Whistler Activities where this is the case. Cycling, Cross Country Mountain Biking, Swimming, Cross Country Skiing, Ski Touring, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Running, etc... So, if you want to excel in this world, it's nice to train here too. Now, not all the time, as it has it's downfalls. 
  • Now, just because it's an endurance class, don't think that you won't do any sprint work. Look no further than the paragraph above. Sprint work, interval work, high intensity work not only will help train your anaerobic work capacity, but will translate out to your aerobic capacity.
  • Lastly, if you unfamiliar with CrossFit, or rather don't want to do CrossFit, this is the class for you! What you do get is coaches who know functional movements, that know technique, because in CrossFit it has to be applied at the highest of intensities. You will still get the skills, and the emphasis on proper techniques. We just apply them to a more accessible skill set. 


If you want your gains, look no further. This is your conjugate system powerlifting program, with CrossFit flavour to it.

  • The beauty of this class is that it meant to get you strong. It is our powerlifting program as it is truly meant to be applied. Yes, we have a strength program in the CrossFit classes. But, we can't offer all of the variants we can here. Camber bar, Football bar, Safety Squat bar, Axel bar. Plus the accommodating resistant work; bands and chains. As well as all of the assistance work that goes along with it
  • Some of the biggest knocks to those looking to gain strength and do CrossFit is the volume. And not just the volume, but it's the bodyweight exercises. When conditioning does arrive in this program, it's shorter in duration, and has a heavy strength biased. Pun intended.
  • Olympic lifting is also a big part of this program. So you can expect to those skills to improve along with your strength.


Overall, I couldn't be more excited about what we are transitioning towards. I can't think of one individual who can't benefit from the changes in our programs. What we can start doing is catering to people who only want a specific program. Just Endurance, or just Olympic Weightlifting, etc..... Now it's time to start spreading the word. Opus Athletics, here we come!