Training Layout Jan 9-15

It’s been an amazing week at the gym. Why? YOU! You’re back! December is never a record breaking month, there’s no denying it. Even with a little lack of attendance, there’s an empty feeling that exists. And it all comes together as to what we’re missing after seeing the gym over the last 5 days… and it’s you. It’s your energy and enthusiasm that was lacking. It was an unbelievable vibe last week. Keep it up. Don’t let it slide. It was a product of all of you that made it that way. So don’t stop now!


Have you seen the 2017 goals board? Next time you walk in the gym, you won’t miss it. I’ve seen people nail some goals already, and we are only 1 week in. You’ll also find on the desk upstairs a goals guideline and paper to help you get them done. Maybe you don’t want them up on the whiteboard. You can write them down and give them to coach. If we know what you are striving for, we are going be able to guide you there much quicker. Motivation is really high right now, use it to your advantage and reach heights you never thought possible. 


Recruitment time! 

Some of you may have seen that we offered 1 week free  promotion on Facebook for anyone interested in training with us. Most of you know at least 1 person who’s a little bit curious about joining, but for whatever reason, haven’t quite made that plunge. Free is a great motivator. And that’s what we are offering. You and I both know they won’t regret it! Have them email the gym to set up an orientation, which is also free. Once they’ve done that, we can set that up with a free week of training, that will allow them to come to the open gym time slots to do their foundations course. It is too good to be true. So let them know!


And lastly, some of you brave souls have embarked on the Opus Vita Challenge. 30 days of clean eating (And drinking) to help reset the body and develop better eating and health habits. If you are interested in joining us, it’s never too late. Here’s our link on Facebook to the group. Please join: It’s a great resource to share ideas, ask questions, and also to find out exactly what we are doing. For some it feels way too strict to do, or perhaps you aren’t quite ready yet. If so, don’t be shy to join us, but with only a few limitations to your diet. Like, 30 days no alcohol. Or 30 days no bread. No sweets, etc… We are surrounding by temptations that sabotage your ability to thrive and be healthy. Rules, although at first seem way too binding, are at times necessary to invoke the change we are desperately demanding. Remember, there’s a difference between a wish and a goal. If you truly wish to be healthier and look better, then be sure to do something about it, not just dream it. Diet is no doubt your key. As you can’t exercise your way out of a poor diet. 


Let’s keep rolling, make this week as awesome as last!




We want you to start your 2016 with bang. We are making your decision to start training with us that much easier. Here's your incentive!

50% off a month of training when signing up for a multi month membership. Valid through Jan 2016

You can receive your discount 1 of 2 ways. Here's the fine print.

  1. If you are new to what we do, then we need to bring you up to speed. We call the first step to what we do Foundations. We are running a foundations course starting Jan 11th. It's a 2 week course with classes MON-WED-FRI with class times either at 8am or 7pm. Signing up for the course means you can attend all 6 sessions at the times being offered. If those times aren't convenient, then you would be best served to do our Foundations privately. Our private foundations consist of 3 sessions, with scheduling times being more flexible. Once you've completed either of our foundations curriculum, and you sign up for our seasonal membership or our yearly membership, will will give you 50% off of your first month. That's a savings between $80-$87.50. That must be purchased by January 31st, 2016.
  2. If you aren't new to the training we do, then you wouldn't need to go through foundations to start right away. You can receive the same discount as above, it would be applied to your second month of either the seasonal or yearly membership. Purchased before January 31st, 2016.


Why train here at opus athletics?

The number one reason is...... you get coaches. You're not paying for a gym membership per say, you are getting a team of coaches that work with you to get you to your goals. We help you move better, do exercises correctly, and ensure that what you are doing is safe and effective for you. 

To further that point, I run in to a lot of people around town asking me what I think about our competition and what they are doing. And what we are doing to keep up. I see fitness trends pop up all around town. Flyers for this, ads for that, which is great because Whistler has great choices, and great services to go with it. So again, where does that leave us?  Well, it leaves us exactly where we started, already all about it! We're lucky, with CrossFit the core of what we do. We have been perfecting the craft of being good at all things fitness. It's not as if we don't do H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training), or focus on Endurance Training, or Core work, or Olympic Style weightlifting, or Gymnastics. We do it all, it's just that we don't do any one single thing. If we did, our scope of fitness would be limited. So, we do all of it. And we are not just doing it, we are experts at it. Most of the trends out there are taking bits of what we what we already do. Why, because it works! But it can't breed the same results without incorporating all what we do. We have been using all of what we can to build measurable and improved fitness to all of our clients. Regardless of ability level. And apply it to all types of fitness goals. 


Not convinced?

Not a problem, that's a good thing. Let's meet to answer all of your fitness questions. Let me help explain what we do. How our programs work. How CrossFit works, if that's what you are looking for, or how our specialty classes work- Endurance, Olympic Weightlifting, Barbell Strength and Conditioning. You can book a free orientation by emailing and I'd be happy to set that up.


Happy holidays

I hope you enjoy your holidays, and a Happy New Year. If you want to start the New Year, Fitter than last year, join our growing list of clients who can say that year after year!