Training Layout July 18-24

We have officially crossed the middle of July. And we’re all still waiting for summer. Well, not me. Cause it’s here. And if you go back to last year, the extremely nice weather brought along many hardships. The province being on fire is one thing that comes to mind. The other was the extreme heat, and the lack of motivation to train in it. Not this year. We’ve been blessed. Sure, it’s been muggy at times, but all in all it’s been a great balance. I don’t think one person has avoided the gym all month due to weather. You may have other excuses that are working in your favour, but weather sure isn’t one of them. 


Momentum has been building steadily on all sides of our programming, From the young adults that have been coming in at 4, training for their various power sports; Hockey and Football. Plus our endurance aficionados, who literally make a habit of plowing through 30-40 minutes of work as if it were no thing. You should see the looks on guests faces who come to an endurance WOD when they are done! And let’s not forget the CrossFit programming side of things. Where I feel like updating the leaderboard is a full time job.


Looking ahead, it’s all about keeping that momentum rolling. Sure, wednesday’s a benchmark WOD, but, that isn’t the only thing on the radar. We’re on maxing out 2 lifts this week. Important to your improvement, and the ability to do more work on more challenging skills, we have 2 AEOMOM. The goal on those pieces is to gain confidence and proficiency in more challenging exercises. We’ll see it for HSPU, Strict C2B Pullups, Pistols and snatches. It’s these EMOM’s that can really help you succeed at workouts. So use them wisely!


See you for the week of #gains


Training Layout July 11-17

I’m as excited to train as I’ve ever been….. and this week is another that’s got me raring to go! I’m going to start with the team of coaches. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a full crew at your service. If you have a look at the schedule this week, you’ll find what we hope is a consistent schedule where you can find not only Marley, Steph, and myself (Jordan) at your services. But Candice and Austin ready to go as well. So, if you are a planner, and like to know who will be coaching you. Peek at the schedule, so you know where to find us.


So, this week. IMO, from the CrossFit Programming, I can’t wait to hit….. all of the WODs. M-W-F are sweet! And I am not missing benching on Saturday. I am already scheduling my personal training schedule to not miss a day! I suggest you do the same.


As for Endurance. I love the fact that we can take a Benchmark workout, as the case Tuesday, and not stop there. We’ll still have time in the hour to do some interval work. And speaking of interval work, we’ll do it again on Thursday, this time outside, weather permitting. Plus a hard working 20 min amrap. It will push you to climb that rep ladder, and start all over again! 


And last but not least…. that every elusive 7am class on Saturday. I guess it’s just not meant to happen :( It’s a nice idea, but weekends are too unpredictable……It was pulled this week due to zero sign ups. And I’m guessing it’ll be the same next week too….


Enjoy the week!

Training Layout May 2-8th

I don’t know about you, but, I feel as though the balls been rolling at the gym. IMHO the programming has been working out how according to plan. Those that have been hitting the extra running with @munnymunny have been getting so much better at their craft. And if you look at the left hand side of the whiteboard, where we have a list of times/scores that belong on the leaderboard. Let’s just say that list is getting a little long.


Starting May 9th will be our Opus Vita May Challenge. It’s very simple. A 1 month challenge to create a healthier you. Yes, it’s all about getting through the month better looking at the other end. But, what it should be about creating better lifestyle habits so that you can just be awesome all the time! We have created a closed group on Facebook where I will share the document to help track your challenge. As well as a great place to ask questions and share ideas. If you are not part of that group, let one of the coaches know, and that can easily be arranged.


As for the specifics of this week. For the CrossFit Programming Look for a chance to test your back squat on Monday, and follow that up with a WOD that’s a personal favourite of mine. Simple, short, but really challenging! Wednesday’s a nice chipper, which is usually found on endurance days….. Friday we are doing a workout that is done in foundations, so it’ll be awesome to see how some people do that that have come through foundations in the last year. And saturday put those gymnastics skills to use.


Endurance… Coach phil will be in town for about two weeks, arriving later this week. We’ll look to get him in here when there’s rowing going on. And do our best to set up a rowing clinic, it looks like it’ll be Saturday the 7th. But we are working some details to set that up. We’ll keep you posted! Oh, and running WON’t be a focus this week in endurance. With potential of rain on the horizon, prepare to tackle the rowing and skipping a little this week. 


Enjoy :)

A rose by any other name

With the launching of our new Website, there's no hiding that we go by a new name. Opus Athletics. We are still the home of CrossFit Whistler, and train mostly CrossFit, but, we call ourselves something a little different. Because we, just like every other CrossFit gym out there does more than just CrossFit.

Why Opus Athletics?

Reason #1- Family Lineage.

My late father owned a Stereo Store when I was kid called....."Opus Audio." To use Opus as our business name seemed like a perfect way to honour his memory, to create a legacy beyond his years. 

Reason #2-Then there's the word itself, OPUS.

By definition in a musical context: "one of the compositions of a composer"

Which is what we are chasing for our rebrand. To be known by the composition of what we do within our four walls. By what we offer to our clients. And by what we represent within our community. We are CrossFit by every sense of the word, but from now on we can be known by what we actually create and do. Not by what people think we do based on the word "CrossFit".

Are we still CrossFit Whistler?

Yes, 100%! I want us to be known as Opus Athletics, the home of CrossFit Whistler.

We do all things CrossFit. We train constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensities. We participate in the open, we hit benchmarks, encourage our clients to pursue fitness challenges. We are everything CrossFit embraces, we just want to be known by more than just CrossFit!

If we are CrossFit, then why change our name at all?

Well, it's pretty simple. Unfortunately people like to form opinions on things they don't know all that much about. CrossFit along with the help of Social Media has made an impression on everyone. And that impression has left the public with the idea of either.... Yeah, I want to try CrossFit... Or... CrossFit is not for me. 

And the sad thing about those who have already made their mind up about CrossFit, is that so many of them would fall in love with our gym and our program. The only true deterrent for those seeking an incredible training environment is that C word. Nothing about what we do inside the four walls of our gym. Now here's our chance! 


The goal going forward to be exactly who we are. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, more really, as we are always looking to improve on the services we deliver. With that can lead to a few more specialty classes. Think of the endurance classes, the gymnastic classes, etc.... Only now we are "Licensed" to offer them a little more if that's what our community is asking for. 

So keep your eyes on that schedule to see what type of classes are being offered. The first little tweak to the schedule is an evening barbell class.