Training Layout May 9-15

This weeks marks day 1 of our nutrition and health challenge. If you are participating, please let us know. We are using facebook to share information. It is a closed group, so you'll need to ask for permission to get inside. Our main focus is to create better habits, better lifestyle choices that can last. The result, a sustainable, fitter you! 

The week ahead looks good! I've casted one of my personal favourite benchmark workouts. Our continued strength remains, as we've seen some great strides. The main bonus this week is.... Phil. He hosted our rowing clinic on Saturday, and will do his best to lend a helping hand during this weeks rowing. If you have any rowing questions, or would like a helping hand, reach out here cause phil would love to help. 

If you are curious as to what's floating around the thoughts of coach.... It's trying to capture your thoughts and goals. Are you training for something in particular? Whistler 10k? Whistler half? Comfortably Numb? Redbull 400? Sharing that info is crucial, sometimes there's some specific programming we can offer. Other times, it's just a community of support. Some of the crew did the redbull 400 last year. Said it was awesome. If anyone is interested, we should put some teams in. 

So, what's on your list this summer? And how can we help?


Weekly Training Layout- April 25-May 1st

Before we get in to the business of the week ahead. May is supposed to be a month dedicated to your nutrition. So it’s time to start thinking about the challenges that lie ahead. Personally, I do believe that eating strictly should not be an “All the time thing”. Having said that, I do believe that no matter how well you think you eat, there are things that you probably shouldn’t. That is why, over the calendar year, it’s nice to reset your habits, reset your body, and be nice to yourself. Our Nutrition calendar, looks at the following months to be strict, January, May, September. Not so say that you can’t do it any other time, but these months tend to lend itself well in the Whistler Calendar. 


That was a long way of saying we are doing another Opus Vita Challenge for the Month of May. A month where we are looking to eat well, train hard, and get results. After all, who doesn’t want to look good for beach season. 


Now to what lies ahead: When I look ahead to this coming week and beyond, it’s hard not to get excited to hit the gym. As a whole, I see so much of you guys getting stronger, getting fitter, and becoming more confident in yourselves. Lot’s of PR’s being had, and a lot on the horizon. The forgotten art of improvement is to try really really hard. Seriously, i somewhat say it jokingly. But think back to learning to ride a certain mountain bike trail, or ski run. You would have worked your tail off to master it, to say you can ride it. Probably fallen down a few times in the process. Those were the days where you'd say that you’ve improved your riding skills. Hop on your bike, or skis, and get into cruise control, sure it’s fun. But, don’t think for a moment you are improving by showing up. 


Improvement doesn’t have to be about intensity. It could mean mastery. Meaning, it may not mean you are trying to PR your back squat. Not every day can you lift at a max, or should you. But, you sure can be trying to have the prettiest squat in the world. Not just go up and down. Or even in regards to a WOD, you may not strive to finish first, but you can do your best to make every movement as perfect as you can.


What stands out for me this week is……the continuation of that added strength volume of work. Those running WODs. Where running can be just a plot? Or starting to increase your running speed? Or better yet, running faster and the ability to recover faster from those runs? My personal favourite has to be Saturdays. I know most of you don’t have it as a staple of your training routine. But you should. Not only can you hit some specialty classes- Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Endurance, but, it’s a day, where this week is another example, or being able to use some strongman toys. 

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Enjoy the week,