Training Layout Feb 27-March 5

WOW!!!! There’s not too much that has to be said after this past weekend! The main purpose of this weekly update is to keep people engaged and get the motivation level UP for the upcoming week. But I’m pretty sure that’s all but take care of after this past week’s OPEN WOD. Congrats to all that gave it their all. So many photos have been published, so even if you weren’t here, I bet you now have a serious case of FOMO. If you did, it’s not too late to get involved. There’ll still be folks doing the OPEN WOD on Monday open gym times, 8am and 4pm. So, you are more than welcome to jump on board. The one caveat is that all scores need to be submitted by 5pm Monday. So if you are waiting last minute to get in the workout. Make sure you are all registered and ready to submit scores before the deadline. 


While I am on the topic. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOTE THAT it’s you that has to submit your scores online before the deadline. Please don’t let it pass as you’ll be disappointed if you do :(.


I chose this specific photo amongst a plethora of goodies as the one I wanted the world to see. To me it says a lot. Yes, training is hard. Yes, competition is harder. But OMG, that feeling below. The one of camaraderie. Accomplishment. The feeling of knowing you gave it all. But, that feeling that the person next to you was so much a part of getting every rep out of your body. The reps that when you thought you had nothing left, but you kept going. Both Jake and Lula, like most you, killed that WOD. But, the push they got from each other was what propelled them even further. I have no doubt that they would have done well had they done that WOD on their own. But they accomplished so much more together. As did those around them! Thanks for the motivation and inspiration! 


The week ahead is business as usual. If you are really feeling it from Saturday and want to come but feel rather limited. Trust me when I say the coaches know how you feel, and will take care of you appropriately. Time to recover and gear up for week 2!



Training Layout Jan 30-Feb 5

WOW! What a weekend. How can I not try and recap the Okanagan Valley Throwdown. Congratulations to those that competed, and thanks for allowing us to follow along with all of the live videos. I was literally there! It was so exciting and so emotional to watch. Thanks for taking us there with you.


For a small recap, we had a Austin and Marley compete individual Rx’d. Co, Clo, Chris and Candice were team Rx’d. D’Arcy and Lula in individual Rec division, and Brew in Men’s Masters. You can see how this post can get out of hand quick. So before I go in to the results, I want to bring it back to this whole weekend, and not just at the comp, but at the gym as well. 


I am completely exhausted. On saturday I watched so many of you come in for the CrossFit Total. Work together, inspire each other, even scare yourself a little. Had a lot of highs, a few lows, but the feeling of pushing through limits, and achieving new heights is quite the emotional roller coaster. So many of us experienced that euphoria this weekend. From those that hit 4 PR’s on the total. Back Squat, Shoulder Press, DL, and the Total. Yep, it was 2 on my count. On Both Saturday and Sunday, was able to follow live the crew at the throwdown. As a spectator it was inspirational. I felt as though I was with you all following the leaderboard this sunday. For those that competed. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul in to what you do. Thank You for representing our gym, our community, it’s truly an honour to be a part of it. It’s not always about how you place. Of course, a promising finish never hurt the spirits. But who you are along the way. And you are all champs!


Speaking of Champs! Holy cow, some crazy results came through. 

Lula 2nd

Austin 5th (although technically 4th, which I am sure will be updated shortly)

Marley 6th

Brew 13th

D’Arcy 14th

Team Opus 21st


Those are some unbelievable results. I know just how hard you guys worked for them. The events at the throwdown, similar to the Total can be the ones you hope to test, while others, maybe the ones you’ve been dreading. Or in the case of Austin and Marley, changed in the last minute. 1 for the good, the other, not so good. The crew this weekend, just like you at the gym, showed some incredible wherewithal to persevere through thick and thin. All with a smile on your face. I know I had a blast coaching and watching. It was inspiring beyond words! I’m sure we’ll have a motivated crew this week, so go get’em! Unless you competed, in which case, take it easy!

2017 Let's GO!

Happy 2017 to all of us to all of you. I hope everyone had a chance to sit back, reflect back on the past year. And, to think hard and contemplate on how to make the most of what you should feel is going to be an amazing 2017. I hope everyone is ready to blast out a new path this year, I know our crew of coaches are… You with us?


I have the luxury of taking almost all of our new clients through an orientations, and during it, I am almost always referencing one expression, and this is having a goal or a wish. I think about this all the time. We all have wishes. And we all have goals. But do not, for a second, confuse the 2. I wish to win the lottery. I say it all the time, you have to play to win, which I sometimes do. But, I have no actual plan to with the lottery. I can’t set benchmarks to achieve along the way to help me actually win. It’s a wish. It’s a nice wish, but nothing more. I have a goal to be healthier at my 41st birthday then I was on my 40th. The ladder truly is a goal. And, it’s a goal that I can accomplish by setting up tangible benchmarks along the way. Measurable things I can accomplish from now until August. Some are simple, like make sure I hit the gym a minimum of 4 times/week. Stretch for a minimum of 30 minutes for 2 days/week. I think you get the point about goals….. 

I want to hear all about your goals. So, by the end of the week I will sheets of paper on the desk upstairs, helping us identify what your goals are for 2017, and how we can help create tangible ways to help you get there. Motivation can come and go, but it’s having the discipline in your life to keep you on track. Having those goals will help you stay disciplined in times that motivation won’t be there. 


January just happens to be a nutrition challenge month. We are using a Facebook group to share the information. We call it the Opus Vita Challenge. If you are familiar with a whole 30, this is pretty much it. We try and tie in a point system to keep you on track. As well as this time around we want to create a buddy system to give you even more support. The group link is here:

To find out more about it, head to that page. If you are not on Facebook, no problem, just give me your fax number and I’ll send you the info ;) Kidding… email me and I can help. 


If I were to measure the success of the gym by how well you guys attend classes, and by how well you perform. I would easily say that December is our worst month. 1 month has to be last. And that’s ok. I’m sure we all had a ton of fun over the holidays. January is time take the bull by the horns and get after it. Make a point to tell your coaches your goals. Fill out the form on the coaches desk. Think about what you want to accomplish. And make a point to make it happen. Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right! So be positive and aim high!


Last point of motivation for your best year to date. Certain scenarios in life are a numbers game. For example, applying for a job. You can be amazing, but, perhaps someone else happens to be just a little more desirable, so you miss out. Being healthy and fit has nothing to do with anyone else but you. You aren’t competing for a spot on the “Healthy”  team. That team is limitless and always recruiting. It’s up to you to want it. Work for it. Prioritize it. And it can be yours. There really isn’t that much different between those that look back on the year with a lot of success and those who are looking ahead to this year to capture what they missed out on last year. Stay strong, stay humble, and get after it!


If you are looking to see the training layout this week. Just get your butt in here! 

It's been 10 years!

I’ll start by saying that I am sorry. This weeks blog was supposed to be the week to recap our 10 years of affiliation. And well….. it’s not an easy task. I don’t even know where to start! 


With that, I’ve decided that first place I need to travel is in our recent history. And that is thanking everyone who came to Saturday’s Anniversary Party. It’s always fun seeing you guys outside of your sweaty gym gear. I am not saying you don’t put effort in to looking good when you train. I see your matching lulu’s. But y’all sure know how to fix yourselves up! In case you didn’t know… I had a blast. Steve travelled at the way from victoria, some of you guys as far as Pemberton. Again, thanks to all those who came out, it was great times.


As many of you know, not only did CrossFit Whistler turn 10, but I happened to turn 40. And I am not sure how others feel about turning 40, but for me it hardly registered to the magnitude of CrossFit’s 10th anniversary. (Don’t get me wrong, I did get spoiled beyond belief.) So, what does it mean to turn 10?


This is the hardest part of this blog. As it’s hard to tell a 10 year story without mentioning people. But it’s harder to mention everyone that’s had a part! I’m sure to leave people out. Same goes for those who watched Saturday’s slide show. It was an incredible trip down memory lane. And it did capture hundreds of the people that were a part of this community, both big and small. But it certainly didn’t have everyone in there. So many new faces from the new space weren’t there. (Apparently, it was cool to take photos of people working out 5-10 years ago. Not so much anymore.) It’s hard because so many people have touched my life, and made my life a reality. There have been those that have only been here for foundations that have taught me things I have never forgotten. So for me, I really get all choked up inside wanting to Thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. I truly am so grateful, it’s beyond words. 


And it’s funny, so many of you have been thanking me. But it’s really the other way around. I am the one that has to thank you. You want to thank me for being a part of your training. For being your coach. Well, you know how boring it would be to coach a class with zero participants. Exactly! It’s me that needs to thank you. All of you. I’ve learned a lot coaching all of you. From the high level athlete, to those looking to turn their lives around. I need you to be a success. To enjoy what I do. To continue to keep CrossFit Whistler alive for another 10 years… Heck, forever! 


Here’s an example of how you make the gym successful. For the first 9 years we spent $0 in advertising. (Other than the money spent on a website.) Translation is that you are all responsible for bringing in new faces. How you conduct yourself outside the gym is a constant endorsement to our community. So much so, that you encourage others to join in on the fun. So again, a big thank you is in order. Did I mention you should keep it up! Because you should.


More importantly, it’s our understanding of history that will pave our future. So, as I hope that this journey can continue as far as the eye can see, I need you now more than ever. I need you guys to continue to push me, to push our coaches, to have the highest standards. To not be satisfied with just OK. We need your collective motivation each and every day. Yes, as coaches, you need us to lead by example. But truthfully, unless we are there training with you, there’s only so much words can do to light a fire under your a$$. It’s those of you in class that are the true motivators. Iron sharpens Iron. The more you bring it, the more those around you will too. Collectively, classes either finish workouts quickly, or they finish them slowly. Who surrounds you in your hour of training has a large impact on how you will act, and how you will perform during that session. Feeling accountable for your training, either through the eyes of us the coaches, or your peers will enable you to dig deep when you need it most. As coaches, I speak for every single one of them, we applaud your efforts, not your results. Efforts will in turn breed results, but don’t confuse the 2. Just because you feel your time, your weights, your score doesn’t measure up, think again. We care about your effort. We hope, that we encourage you to try, and give it your all. That needs to be the history lesson, and that needs to be what carves our future path. 


Once upon a time I was a personal trainer in Whistler. With zero clients. All I knew about why I had made a career change was to do something I was passionate about. And I knew that I couldn’t fail if I was passionate about what I was doing. Because that passion could not be measured by dollars and cents. So, I ventured to uncomfortable places with the help of family and friends that had my back. They provided the support I needed to grow from zero clients all the way to a place where I was able to open a gym in under 2 years. Even in typing this I am reminded of that motivation, which is still in me. Every orientation and foundations I do, allows me to express what CrossFit means to me, and how we go about teaching it. And even though that teaching has evolved, I never forget how impressionable and impactful it can be on someone’s life as it did mine. It can change them forever. 


So again, if you think you are thankful, think again, it’s me who is thanking you. And when I go and thank those who taught me CrossFit, and helped me along the way, I’m sure they’ll tell me what I am telling you.


As for the week of programming…… Come in and find out!

Weekly Training Layout- April 25-May 1st

Before we get in to the business of the week ahead. May is supposed to be a month dedicated to your nutrition. So it’s time to start thinking about the challenges that lie ahead. Personally, I do believe that eating strictly should not be an “All the time thing”. Having said that, I do believe that no matter how well you think you eat, there are things that you probably shouldn’t. That is why, over the calendar year, it’s nice to reset your habits, reset your body, and be nice to yourself. Our Nutrition calendar, looks at the following months to be strict, January, May, September. Not so say that you can’t do it any other time, but these months tend to lend itself well in the Whistler Calendar. 


That was a long way of saying we are doing another Opus Vita Challenge for the Month of May. A month where we are looking to eat well, train hard, and get results. After all, who doesn’t want to look good for beach season. 


Now to what lies ahead: When I look ahead to this coming week and beyond, it’s hard not to get excited to hit the gym. As a whole, I see so much of you guys getting stronger, getting fitter, and becoming more confident in yourselves. Lot’s of PR’s being had, and a lot on the horizon. The forgotten art of improvement is to try really really hard. Seriously, i somewhat say it jokingly. But think back to learning to ride a certain mountain bike trail, or ski run. You would have worked your tail off to master it, to say you can ride it. Probably fallen down a few times in the process. Those were the days where you'd say that you’ve improved your riding skills. Hop on your bike, or skis, and get into cruise control, sure it’s fun. But, don’t think for a moment you are improving by showing up. 


Improvement doesn’t have to be about intensity. It could mean mastery. Meaning, it may not mean you are trying to PR your back squat. Not every day can you lift at a max, or should you. But, you sure can be trying to have the prettiest squat in the world. Not just go up and down. Or even in regards to a WOD, you may not strive to finish first, but you can do your best to make every movement as perfect as you can.


What stands out for me this week is……the continuation of that added strength volume of work. Those running WODs. Where running can be just a plot? Or starting to increase your running speed? Or better yet, running faster and the ability to recover faster from those runs? My personal favourite has to be Saturdays. I know most of you don’t have it as a staple of your training routine. But you should. Not only can you hit some specialty classes- Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Endurance, but, it’s a day, where this week is another example, or being able to use some strongman toys. 

To see the image of our layout, head to follow us on INSTAGRAM.

Enjoy the week,