Weekly Blog April 24-30

I don’t want to do the math, but, I’ve written countless blogs since becoming a CrossFit Affiliate. Believe me when I say I am no writer, but… the one thing I never have trouble coming up with are things to write about. I am going to choose today’s topic, but, here are a few that I want to share coming. Let me know what you’d like me to rant about in the near future:




Life balance and training


Today I want to discuss how important you are to each other. The concept of how without others doing what you do, there’s no way you’d be accomplishing what you are today. I’m going to take you on a trip in the way back machine. It was 2005, I was training at CrossFit North, CrossFit’s first affiliate. At the time I was there, they had actually been operating a few years already, so it wasn’t their first rodeo. They had this club called the sub 10 club. And if you completed certain benchmarks in under 10 minutes, you’d get a free T-shirt. It was super cool. At the time, to complete Helen for example, in under 10 minutes was no easy feet. So, aiming your sights to finish under that time got you in the club. Why 10 minutes? Well, at that time, it was hard to do. Is it easier now? The short answer is yes. And here’s why.


If you have never measured CrossFit before, and someone has you do Helen. You basically feel like you are going to die. So, for arguments sake, you finish in 12 minutes. So, 3 months later, 2 attempts later, you finish in just under 10 minutes. You’d be on cloud nine. Pushed even harder, probably still felt like you were going to die post WOD, but were ecstatic that you improved by 2 minutes. You probably say to yourself, I bet there isn’t that many people out there that could do Helen sub 10. But low and behold you go back home, and all friends have been doing CrossFit. And, little did you know, they all do Helen, and…. they all have better times. Some in under 8 minutes. Now, you know not all of them are fitter than you. So, next time you do Helen, just a week after you broke the 10 minute mark, you bust out a time in under 8 minutes. 


If you don’t think this scenario is plausible you are dead wrong. The power of belief can take you places you never thought possible. And, in this case, the fact that you know that Helen can be done by people you know in faster times than you’ve accomplished. Our minds always stop us before our bodies fail us. Yes, that time you thought you gave it all. Well, apart for maybe once or twice…. you actually had more. You just couldn’t access it.That belief will take your mind places your body originally didn’t want you to do. But it can, and it will. You just need to right circumstances, the right motivation.


Am I a competitive “Crossfitter”? The answer is not really. I am not sad, or have a sense of failure when someone does something better than me. (If I did, I’d be a pretty sad guy.) But, I do feel good when I do things well, and it fuels my fire to try and be on top. So, this is why it’s super important we measure what we do. So, there’s a relative measuring stick to the people I know. And, whenever possible, to train with those people that inspire me to do my best. And now, because we measure everything through the app, whether I train with you or not…. You help me believe that I can do more than I would if I were at this alone. 


Let’s be honest, we only improve because we try hard. Not because we are first. And, trying hard, and I mean really pushing, is only enriched by those around you. Sometimes that means those you do a workout with, or, it can expand to everyone who did that workout in the gym that day, or even to those who do CrossFit worldwide. I can’t go as far to explain the psychology behind this all. But, believe me, we all need each other to push the fitness boundaries. After updating the leaderboard last night, collectively you all are believing more than those that came before you. And that’s amazing. I see so many records falling this summer if all of you keep pushing each other. Keep making each other believe. 


So keep it rolling, the best is yet to come! 

Training Layout April 10-16

Let me start by saying.... these posts have less and less to do with training layout. So, a new name is needed......

Last night we had our “Closing the Open Party!”, and wow! First of all, what a good looking crew. But… Ladies, could you make me feel any shorter with all of them fancy shoes?! Seriously, this crew knows how to send it! For a while there our parties took some time to take flight. If at all. Now, it’s serious. Such an amazing time. Great People, great fun, truly a pleasure. If you missed this one, well, you missed out! 

The only thing we need to change next time around is having a DJ. But as long as all of you show up, it’s bound be a hit.


Speaking of all of you, that was the reason for the Party. The excuse to throw the party was because the Open ended. And over the course of those 5 weeks, you gave so much. So much of your blood sweat and tears went into performing. And not necessarily your workouts. Some of you as cheerleaders. Others as judges. And of course as athletes. And in those 5 weeks, more so than any other year, our community came together and bonded more than I ever imagined possible. It really was quite special. As a gym, nothing was any different. We’ve done the open every year. More or less the same format. Most of the same coaches. The only difference was you. And I mean that. Each and every one of you make us who we are. I had a lot of amazing compliments about the gym last night, but really I don’t feel all that responsible. You love it because of the people you train with. And really, through my eyes, that’s all of you!  So really what I am trying to say, is I want to thank each and everyone of you for making Opus Athletics the community and the culture, I could only dream our gym of becoming! 




The 2 things missing last night were…. a speech. So let’s just say that was it.(Sorry Craig.) And we failed to give away the swag we got from Reebok, and some Lululemon gear from Kendra. We will raffle the gear away. If you were registered for the open, you’ll have a chance at winning a prize.


So to recap. Party, awesome! You, more awesome! Next year, do the OPEN & don’t miss the Party. During the party, hire a DJ with a sound system, and have dedicated time for speeches. Before people start to leave, and before things get out of hand! 


Last bit, Friday we are closed for…. GOOD FRIDAY. We will have a session open up at noon for a “Special WOD”. If that class fills up, we’ll open up another time immediately after to accommodate larger number if necessary. 




Last but not least, What happens at Opus, stays at Opus…. (Kidding, tell everyone!) What I mean to say is if you left anything behind from the party, come grab it ASAP. The only party foul will be if you leave your stuff at the gym all week long! 


See you tomorrow! 

Training Layout March 20-26


What I really want to talk about is this. The OPEN isn’t all about wins. In fact, it’s rather bitter sweet. Many of you, if not all have felt defeated at one point in time during the OPEN this year, and, every year you’ve participated. And, it’s the nature of what the workouts are supposed to do. They are meant to test every aspect of fitness (And last I checked we all have at least 1 weakness!). Not to mention, each workout is designed to break you. Upon completion of the workout, or even before it ends, you are either elated, or deflated. Those emotions are often tied in how fit you see yourself, and how you measure up against a specific field. And when you feel defeated, know that you are not alone. Ask any one of our coaches. We’ve been there, and we’ve been there hard! We know what it’s like to train your guts out, and have it feel like none of it had any impact on your results. Before I go in to how wrong that is, let me start with this. You will be defined by your losses, not your victories. How you deal with adversity is paramount to who you are as person. I’ve heard….”I will never let that happen to me again!”. Which couldn’t have been said more perfectly. No blaming, no excuses. Just a drive to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself. The truth is, that when I’ve witnessed each and every road block that has taken you on an emotional rollercoaster, I will tell what I really see. Individuals who are much fitter than they see themselves. Much fitter than they were not long ago. I could look back weeks, months, years, and all I see is progress. I see individuals that don’t like to fail, don’t like to feel defeated, and I like that quality. So if that’s been you, know that I’d love nothing more than to say you have not failed. You have a community of people that are here to support you, here to pick you up when you are down. But more importantly to remind you that you have the heart of the champion. And you have countless amounts of people that look up to you. What you’ve accomplished, and what you represent. No one loses in the OPEN! Everyone should finish feeling humbled, hungry, and motivated to be better then before. I hope that we all realize that we are in this together. How we interact can help push each other to be better. But be careful, if you are overly competitive with those around you it can have the opposite affect. It won’t allow you to see your successes if you are constantly measuring up to someone else. We are all different. We all have different skills, and we all progress at different rates. Remember, the open isn’t the only definition of fitness. I can post a better score on a workout then some of you, but I have no hope in hell in keeping up on a mountain bike, pair of skis, etc…. 


Somehow I went of course…. but, true to the heart.


For this week…. Phil is around on most classes during endurance days. If you don’t know Phil, he’s our rowing coach and has had such a strong influence on the gym’s overall fitness and our appreciation for rowing. So make sure you are here for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s endurance classes. Phil does his best to come to most classes over those days. You can always contact us to see what classes he’ll be at for certain.


And… as for the last week of the OPEN….. I have to keep it a secret. I gave away last week’s workout too early! But I will write down my prediction in the gym!



Training Layout Feb 27-March 5

WOW!!!! There’s not too much that has to be said after this past weekend! The main purpose of this weekly update is to keep people engaged and get the motivation level UP for the upcoming week. But I’m pretty sure that’s all but take care of after this past week’s OPEN WOD. Congrats to all that gave it their all. So many photos have been published, so even if you weren’t here, I bet you now have a serious case of FOMO. If you did, it’s not too late to get involved. There’ll still be folks doing the OPEN WOD on Monday open gym times, 8am and 4pm. So, you are more than welcome to jump on board. The one caveat is that all scores need to be submitted by 5pm Monday. So if you are waiting last minute to get in the workout. Make sure you are all registered and ready to submit scores before the deadline. 


While I am on the topic. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOTE THAT it’s you that has to submit your scores online before the deadline. Please don’t let it pass as you’ll be disappointed if you do :(.


I chose this specific photo amongst a plethora of goodies as the one I wanted the world to see. To me it says a lot. Yes, training is hard. Yes, competition is harder. But OMG, that feeling below. The one of camaraderie. Accomplishment. The feeling of knowing you gave it all. But, that feeling that the person next to you was so much a part of getting every rep out of your body. The reps that when you thought you had nothing left, but you kept going. Both Jake and Lula, like most you, killed that WOD. But, the push they got from each other was what propelled them even further. I have no doubt that they would have done well had they done that WOD on their own. But they accomplished so much more together. As did those around them! Thanks for the motivation and inspiration! 


The week ahead is business as usual. If you are really feeling it from Saturday and want to come but feel rather limited. Trust me when I say the coaches know how you feel, and will take care of you appropriately. Time to recover and gear up for week 2!



Training Layout Jan 30-Feb 5

WOW! What a weekend. How can I not try and recap the Okanagan Valley Throwdown. Congratulations to those that competed, and thanks for allowing us to follow along with all of the live videos. I was literally there! It was so exciting and so emotional to watch. Thanks for taking us there with you.


For a small recap, we had a Austin and Marley compete individual Rx’d. Co, Clo, Chris and Candice were team Rx’d. D’Arcy and Lula in individual Rec division, and Brew in Men’s Masters. You can see how this post can get out of hand quick. So before I go in to the results, I want to bring it back to this whole weekend, and not just at the comp, but at the gym as well. 


I am completely exhausted. On saturday I watched so many of you come in for the CrossFit Total. Work together, inspire each other, even scare yourself a little. Had a lot of highs, a few lows, but the feeling of pushing through limits, and achieving new heights is quite the emotional roller coaster. So many of us experienced that euphoria this weekend. From those that hit 4 PR’s on the total. Back Squat, Shoulder Press, DL, and the Total. Yep, it was 2 on my count. On Both Saturday and Sunday, was able to follow live the crew at the throwdown. As a spectator it was inspirational. I felt as though I was with you all following the leaderboard this sunday. For those that competed. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul in to what you do. Thank You for representing our gym, our community, it’s truly an honour to be a part of it. It’s not always about how you place. Of course, a promising finish never hurt the spirits. But who you are along the way. And you are all champs!


Speaking of Champs! Holy cow, some crazy results came through. 

Lula 2nd

Austin 5th (although technically 4th, which I am sure will be updated shortly)

Marley 6th

Brew 13th

D’Arcy 14th

Team Opus 21st


Those are some unbelievable results. I know just how hard you guys worked for them. The events at the throwdown, similar to the Total can be the ones you hope to test, while others, maybe the ones you’ve been dreading. Or in the case of Austin and Marley, changed in the last minute. 1 for the good, the other, not so good. The crew this weekend, just like you at the gym, showed some incredible wherewithal to persevere through thick and thin. All with a smile on your face. I know I had a blast coaching and watching. It was inspiring beyond words! I’m sure we’ll have a motivated crew this week, so go get’em! Unless you competed, in which case, take it easy!

Training Layout Jan 16-22

We our half way though January…. so that means if you are interested in getting started with CrossFit, act now to take advantage of our 1 week free trial. It honestly doesn’t get any easier, and more affordable to start. Some of you have tagged friends on Facebook, which I am extremely grateful for. But, it might need a human touch. Let them know what’s in store, and how easy it is to try it out.


Along that note, I’ve been asked countless times about how crazy January must be in the gym with new people getting started. And yes, we do have more new people getting started in January then any other month. But it’s not crazy. And the main reason is that there’s a belief that Crossfit is too hardcore. Or, I am too out of shape to start CrossFit. Let me debunk both of those myths. 


1. Hardcore? Seriously? Yes, those who train CrossFit as sport can be hardcore. Which represents so few of the members who train with us. That leaves well over a hundred of normal, everyday people, who are just looking to get fit. There’s nothing hardcore about it. You can take it as seriously as you want, but trust me when I say you shouldn’t form an opinion over something you have never tried, never experienced, or never spent the time to find out more about. Hardcore is what I see you guys doing when I go biking, when I go skiing, when I go running. We can control every single variable in a gym to ensure you are working within your ability level. Not so true in the real world when tackling so many of things we all love to do. 


2. Not fit enough? I truly do get this. I do. More often then not, those looking to start a gym routine are below their own standard of fitness. Making joining a gym like ours intimidating to say the least. But that perception is made up. As your potential Coach, trust me when I say I do not judge your level of fitness. How fit you arrive only dictates your potential for improvement. I would say the best success stories are those who arrive and are shy, who are lacking confidence in themselves. Those are the ones that 2 months later shatter not only what they believed they were capable of. But their entire self-image. If you are underachieving in the fitness world, you are not alone. There are many great choices to get fitter. I honestly can say that, I don’t speak negatively towards any of the options that surround you. Boot camps, the recreation centre, local gyms, local trainers, yoga, pilates, are all great options in this town. Having said that, if you’ve tried them before and haven’t been able to stick with it, maybe it’s time you knock on our door and find out why we have clients that have been with us for over a decade. With those same clients still learning new things. Still getting fitter. Still motivated. Long story short, fit or not, we can help. Not fit, and want to get fitter, this is the fastest path to get you there. 


The question I get in and around town about whether it’s jamming with new clients in January is really the wrong question. What I wish people asked me was how exciting is it to have new clients choose your gym as their place to start fresh and get fit. If that was the question, I’d take their ear off for days….. I’ve love every opportunity to meet new clients. To sit down with them during their free orientation and discuss what fitness goals they have. And love every minute of seeing them stick to their goals and become the person they were hoping to be. 


Have fun with the week ahead, and looking forward to meeting even more new faces!



Training Layout Dec 26 - Jan 1

Christmas has come and gone, which is hard to believe. Then of course I look out the window to mounds of fresh snow and realize that it’s definitely the case. I hope all of you had a chance to enjoy the holidays. Enjoy the snow. And to share it with people you care about, as family isn’t defined by your bloodline, it has no boundaries. 


In the gym, the holiday season is always special. So many of you have expressed their gratitude, wanting to thank our team of trainers for how we’ve positively impacted your quality of life. And it’s humbling to hear, and, never gets old. It’s THE reason I have can honestly say, this is the best job in the world. Over the next few weeks, I truly hope that we can accomplish 2 extremely important things. 


1. Take care of our family. What I mean by that is…. Keeping everyone engaged and motivated in their training and health is a numbers game. It’s absolutely impossible to have everyone on the same page at the same time. The downside is, especially over the month of December, many of you get derailed with work, snow, and life. What I’d love is to get all of you back on the train! Know, that there’s a team of people that rely on you. We all count on each other. At the start of January we’ll be kicking off a month long nutrition challenge. It’s a great way to get back on track, and reverse some of those holiday habits that have crept their way in to the routine. 


2. Extend our family. People always ask me if January we see a big spike in memberships. And it’s not to say that we don’t get new members over that time, but it’s not as many as people think. Not too sure if it’s an intimidation factor. A commitment factor. Monetary…… I can go on. But, for those that are thinking about starting up. I’d like to share a few key points about what we do. 

-We are just regular people, not super human exercise crazed animals. We come in all different shapes, sizes, and abilities. Some are young, some are older. Some take CrossFit and training seriously, others still don’t remember half of the names of what we do 2 years in to their training. 

-To the core, every member here values their fitness, and is willing to work towards improving it. It’s really that simple. Some place a higher priority on their fitness then others, but they all are motivated to be fitter then yesterday. 

-Nobody cares how fit you are, either when you start, or when you are 5 years in. Seriously. It’s all about the commitment to moving better, improving, and “trying”. When I say don’t care, I really mean it’s not a competition and we don’t judge. Coaches meet once a week and review the past week and plan a week ahead. I can assure we are never discussing who’s the fittest. We are analyzing how you move. How to improve what you do. 


So, if you are thinking about taking the plunge, let’s talk about how we can be a part of making that happen. Contact us today- we offer a free orientation/assessment before you pay a penny.


As for our members that kept reading…. 1 more week until we are back on track with our usual templates. This week starts with a long one to sweat out all the bad stuff from the weekend… or good stuff, depending on how you look at it. And we keep things rolling all week long as we fill up your plate with class jam packed worth of movements.



Training Layout Nov 14-20

How time flies. It feels like every day is a Sunday. A chance to look ahead, and a chance to reflect on the weeks past. When it comes to training, it’s all about what’s in front of you. Sure, what you’ve done is critical to your success, but, your success only lies in your ability to move forward, and that is what you need to look ahead to. That is what you need to cherish, and what should spark your ability to want to thrive. When you oversee a training crew of over 100, there is always reason to celebrate, but there are always a few that are going through a road block, a tough time. And I’ve been there. I’ve had my highs, and had my lows, and truth be told, it’s the lows that define you. What you need to know is this. What makes us feel alive is sweating. Like it or not, exercise, sweat, endorphins, are all things that make us feel good. When you get out of your routine, you lose those endorphins, and the world closes in. Every week I see that some of you are struggling to make it here. And I wish you knew how much you are missed. There’s a whole team of people that depend on each other. To provide that spark to grind through those tough workouts. To leave the gym a better you. To leave that knowing you are stronger that you were yesterday. And if you have to scale workouts because theres an injury to work around, you are not losing out, you are the big winner. You may not think it to be so, but, I can assure, 10 years of training others, whether privately or in groups, it couldn't be more true.  Those that continue to work to improve, whether it’s on a limited basis or it's full steam ahead, are going to be miles ahead than those who stop altogether. Your mind and body need your sweat, need your endorphins. So be here with your Opus family, we are here for you, please be here for us!


As for the week ahead, Monday couldn’t be a more perfect CrossFit day. You’ll need mobility. You’ll need strength. Speed, Power, Skill to make the most of it. But, it will all be over pretty quick! We’ll keep the rest of the week rolling- pushing strength boundaries, endurance, mixed with some skills in there. And a great finish to the week. 


Before I sign off, there’s been many asking for Mobility class to go back on the schedule. And I do hear you. It should be there. We are going to start to squeeze it in the schedule here shortly, as well as look in to how we can improve our overall class layout. So, any input on things you’d like from us, now’s a great time to let us know. 


Enjoy the week. 

It's been 10 years!

I’ll start by saying that I am sorry. This weeks blog was supposed to be the week to recap our 10 years of affiliation. And well….. it’s not an easy task. I don’t even know where to start! 


With that, I’ve decided that first place I need to travel is in our recent history. And that is thanking everyone who came to Saturday’s Anniversary Party. It’s always fun seeing you guys outside of your sweaty gym gear. I am not saying you don’t put effort in to looking good when you train. I see your matching lulu’s. But y’all sure know how to fix yourselves up! In case you didn’t know… I had a blast. Steve travelled at the way from victoria, some of you guys as far as Pemberton. Again, thanks to all those who came out, it was great times.


As many of you know, not only did CrossFit Whistler turn 10, but I happened to turn 40. And I am not sure how others feel about turning 40, but for me it hardly registered to the magnitude of CrossFit’s 10th anniversary. (Don’t get me wrong, I did get spoiled beyond belief.) So, what does it mean to turn 10?


This is the hardest part of this blog. As it’s hard to tell a 10 year story without mentioning people. But it’s harder to mention everyone that’s had a part! I’m sure to leave people out. Same goes for those who watched Saturday’s slide show. It was an incredible trip down memory lane. And it did capture hundreds of the people that were a part of this community, both big and small. But it certainly didn’t have everyone in there. So many new faces from the new space weren’t there. (Apparently, it was cool to take photos of people working out 5-10 years ago. Not so much anymore.) It’s hard because so many people have touched my life, and made my life a reality. There have been those that have only been here for foundations that have taught me things I have never forgotten. So for me, I really get all choked up inside wanting to Thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. I truly am so grateful, it’s beyond words. 


And it’s funny, so many of you have been thanking me. But it’s really the other way around. I am the one that has to thank you. You want to thank me for being a part of your training. For being your coach. Well, you know how boring it would be to coach a class with zero participants. Exactly! It’s me that needs to thank you. All of you. I’ve learned a lot coaching all of you. From the high level athlete, to those looking to turn their lives around. I need you to be a success. To enjoy what I do. To continue to keep CrossFit Whistler alive for another 10 years… Heck, forever! 


Here’s an example of how you make the gym successful. For the first 9 years we spent $0 in advertising. (Other than the money spent on a website.) Translation is that you are all responsible for bringing in new faces. How you conduct yourself outside the gym is a constant endorsement to our community. So much so, that you encourage others to join in on the fun. So again, a big thank you is in order. Did I mention you should keep it up! Because you should.


More importantly, it’s our understanding of history that will pave our future. So, as I hope that this journey can continue as far as the eye can see, I need you now more than ever. I need you guys to continue to push me, to push our coaches, to have the highest standards. To not be satisfied with just OK. We need your collective motivation each and every day. Yes, as coaches, you need us to lead by example. But truthfully, unless we are there training with you, there’s only so much words can do to light a fire under your a$$. It’s those of you in class that are the true motivators. Iron sharpens Iron. The more you bring it, the more those around you will too. Collectively, classes either finish workouts quickly, or they finish them slowly. Who surrounds you in your hour of training has a large impact on how you will act, and how you will perform during that session. Feeling accountable for your training, either through the eyes of us the coaches, or your peers will enable you to dig deep when you need it most. As coaches, I speak for every single one of them, we applaud your efforts, not your results. Efforts will in turn breed results, but don’t confuse the 2. Just because you feel your time, your weights, your score doesn’t measure up, think again. We care about your effort. We hope, that we encourage you to try, and give it your all. That needs to be the history lesson, and that needs to be what carves our future path. 


Once upon a time I was a personal trainer in Whistler. With zero clients. All I knew about why I had made a career change was to do something I was passionate about. And I knew that I couldn’t fail if I was passionate about what I was doing. Because that passion could not be measured by dollars and cents. So, I ventured to uncomfortable places with the help of family and friends that had my back. They provided the support I needed to grow from zero clients all the way to a place where I was able to open a gym in under 2 years. Even in typing this I am reminded of that motivation, which is still in me. Every orientation and foundations I do, allows me to express what CrossFit means to me, and how we go about teaching it. And even though that teaching has evolved, I never forget how impressionable and impactful it can be on someone’s life as it did mine. It can change them forever. 


So again, if you think you are thankful, think again, it’s me who is thanking you. And when I go and thank those who taught me CrossFit, and helped me along the way, I’m sure they’ll tell me what I am telling you.


As for the week of programming…… Come in and find out!

Training Layout July 11-17

I’m as excited to train as I’ve ever been….. and this week is another that’s got me raring to go! I’m going to start with the team of coaches. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a full crew at your service. If you have a look at the schedule this week, you’ll find what we hope is a consistent schedule where you can find not only Marley, Steph, and myself (Jordan) at your services. But Candice and Austin ready to go as well. So, if you are a planner, and like to know who will be coaching you. Peek at the schedule, so you know where to find us.


So, this week. IMO, from the CrossFit Programming, I can’t wait to hit….. all of the WODs. M-W-F are sweet! And I am not missing benching on Saturday. I am already scheduling my personal training schedule to not miss a day! I suggest you do the same.


As for Endurance. I love the fact that we can take a Benchmark workout, as the case Tuesday, and not stop there. We’ll still have time in the hour to do some interval work. And speaking of interval work, we’ll do it again on Thursday, this time outside, weather permitting. Plus a hard working 20 min amrap. It will push you to climb that rep ladder, and start all over again! 


And last but not least…. that every elusive 7am class on Saturday. I guess it’s just not meant to happen :( It’s a nice idea, but weekends are too unpredictable……It was pulled this week due to zero sign ups. And I’m guessing it’ll be the same next week too….


Enjoy the week!

Weekly Training July 4-10

As ritual serves, this post is to describe what lies ahead in the week of training. I often reflect back on what was, and hope to give insight and inspiration of what’s to be. Today, I am going to talk about 1 thing, and 1 thing only. And it’s the story of how we all need each other to become the best who we are.


This topic has hit me about 10x a day for the last month or so. But even before that, I see it at least once a day. It slapped me hard in the face every time I attended one of @munnymunny running clinics. And this time around it was during Friday’s Murph. Or saturday’s….. Sorry about that cheeky one. 

It hit me 2 ways. The first is listening to those before the workout starts. The trepidation, the nervousness, the pregame jitters. Then post WOD, the glow, the self confidence, the hunger, the drive, the emotion, the accomplishment. All of this happened because there was a team of people there for you. At your side. You needed them, and they needed you. You may have not realized it at the time, but every single one of you helped each other. I can’t tell you how many times I heard….”If it wasn’t for you chasing me, I probably would have walked the second mile”. And that was quickly prompted by….”If I didn’t see you ahead of me, I probably would have started to walk”. You are all so important to each other. More than you’ll ever realize. Most of you train at similar class times. And those people at those times always want to know where you are went you’re not around. They want to see you improve. When you improve, they know that have to do the same to keep up, or try and stay ahead. In either case you are all so important to each other. 


Which leads me to the other way I was reminded of how important we are all to each other. 11am on July 1st rolled in, and I was there gearing up to start the WOD. Everyone kicking around from the earlier class kept asking me. “Are you doing the Murph alone?” Yes, I said. Which quickly is followed by “How do you do that by yourself? I couldn’t do it alone.” Well, the truth is I am never training alone. I work out with every single one of you. Coaches and clients alike. I don’t always have the luxury of doing it side by side. But, every single person who did that workout on Friday morning was my training partner that day. I saw so much effort. So much drive. So much being accomplished, that in no way was I alone that afternoon. I know this because my second run was faster that my first. I had someone chasing me, and I was chasing someone else. (And no, those aren’t the voices in my head.) 


So, if you can take away one thing from the last week of training, and carry it over for this coming week and beyond. Is…. That you don’t train alone. You have a community of people that are here, helping each other to no end. You all are more important that you will ever know. Whether you are a part of the 6am crew, the 7am, the 8am….. (I could go on.) you make the results are what they are, and when you aren’t around, you are surely missed :( 


Great work for all those who did the “Murph”. I hope you’ve recovered well, and are ready to ramp things back up! Congrats, and see you all this week for a great week of training!

Training Layout June 6-12

Let’s start by talking about the Whistler Half Marathon. I was at the finish line to witness and to be a part of an unbelievable feeling. Trust me when I say everyone in the group of athletes that entered felt on top of the world. Nothing beats it! It’s way people do things that are hard, maybe a little outside their comfort zone. But trust me, I think that the most talked about topic at the finish line is what comes next! There’s always more, which we’ll take about shortly. 


Again, a huge congrats to those who ran on Saturday. Great Job by all! There were other photos, but not one photo captured everyone in the race. Another big thanks and shout out is to Coach Munny! He gave it his all in helping all of you. I know I don’t speak for myself that your help was invaluable. You’ve been a great addition to the team, and we don’t want the clinics to end! And they won’t……. He’s talked about Stand Up Paddle Board Clinics. Beginner Mountain Bike Clinics. Plus, there’s no need to stop running either. We’ll take some time this week to formulate scheduling and to keep the momentum rolling. 


As for running events that should be on your radar…. The red bull 400 Saturday july 30th, 2016. Copy and paste the link to see details:

The Salomon Valley to Peak Race, Sept 3rd 2016.

The Whistler Ultra 50, Oct 15, 2016

All 3 of the races have relay components, or can be done Solo. The great news is that they all leave a great amount of time to prepare. Both from a training perspective, and to organize teams. 

There are more out there, and not to mention there’s comfortably numb this weekend. It’s june 11th, meaning this saturday! Website here:


As for the week that lies ahead. It’s hard to find a true highlight. Friday is a great little test. Wednesday will be too. And the strength layered in is again continuing to build. From the endurance side. Phil is here this week. So, in true form, we’ll use him to help with Tuesday’s class. It’s a classic rowing test. For those that have been running hard, your improved cardio should help squeeze out some extra seconds and finish faster. Also, more importantly, it’s a great idea for those new to the gym to come to Tuesday’s endurance class. Phil is a game changer when it comes to rowing. Not only will he help you improve on your results and technique. But his passion will translate down, and help you fall in love with the devilish machine. 


On the Lifting side. We will be doing EMOM’s and complexes during the week. Snatching on Tuesday, with Clean and Jerking on Thursday. While on Saturday we will be doing a bit of both.



Training Layout May 2-8th

I don’t know about you, but, I feel as though the balls been rolling at the gym. IMHO the programming has been working out how according to plan. Those that have been hitting the extra running with @munnymunny have been getting so much better at their craft. And if you look at the left hand side of the whiteboard, where we have a list of times/scores that belong on the leaderboard. Let’s just say that list is getting a little long.


Starting May 9th will be our Opus Vita May Challenge. It’s very simple. A 1 month challenge to create a healthier you. Yes, it’s all about getting through the month better looking at the other end. But, what it should be about creating better lifestyle habits so that you can just be awesome all the time! We have created a closed group on Facebook where I will share the document to help track your challenge. As well as a great place to ask questions and share ideas. If you are not part of that group, let one of the coaches know, and that can easily be arranged.


As for the specifics of this week. For the CrossFit Programming Look for a chance to test your back squat on Monday, and follow that up with a WOD that’s a personal favourite of mine. Simple, short, but really challenging! Wednesday’s a nice chipper, which is usually found on endurance days….. Friday we are doing a workout that is done in foundations, so it’ll be awesome to see how some people do that that have come through foundations in the last year. And saturday put those gymnastics skills to use.


Endurance… Coach phil will be in town for about two weeks, arriving later this week. We’ll look to get him in here when there’s rowing going on. And do our best to set up a rowing clinic, it looks like it’ll be Saturday the 7th. But we are working some details to set that up. We’ll keep you posted! Oh, and running WON’t be a focus this week in endurance. With potential of rain on the horizon, prepare to tackle the rowing and skipping a little this week. 


Enjoy :)

2015 Thank You. 2016, Let's do this!

The clock has struck midnight, and it's officially a new year. Time for all of us to reflect on the years past, and set goals for the year to come. 


We all know Whistler is not your average town. From the outside looking in, this is heaven on earth. But truth be told, it's not alway Unicorns and Rainbows. Take the holidays for example. Most of my friends are working over the Holidays, and probably their busiest time of the year, and don't necessarily have the opportunity to be with their entire family. But, what we do have is each other, our Whistler Families. And I can feel that Christmas Spirit, or, for the sake of being PC, Holiday Spirit. There's a genuine refreshing sentiment I not only see between the members of our community, but within those around town. And it takes us through the amazing time of the holidays, which is where we are today. A chance to start the next year off right. To be grateful to not only what's around us, but more importantly, who is around us. How to fulfill our lives, and hopefully, in turn, that means fulfill those around us, and the environment we live in.


Nowadays, to look back at your year in review, there's an app for that. Seriously, Facebook will do it for you. Thankfully I have safeguards in place that prevent me from spending too much time on social platforms, aka Amanda, so I will have to do this one by feel. 


How can this not be the first thing that comes to mind. We've changed our name. For me personally, although it was something I wanted to do for over 2 years, I am still very emotional for having done it. And not just because the name represents my late father's business, because that will always be front and centre. But it means I had to finally give up the battle of defending the perception of CrossFit. Even though after 10 years of building a positive community and reputation of training in this area. Empowering all walks of people to live happier and healthier lives. Having been a stepping stone for at least 5 others to start a CrossFit gym of their own. (Of course CrossFit Whistler wasn't 100% for all of these changes in people. But you can be sure we played a role.) Yet there's so many people with a strong opinion of CrossFit without knowing much about the program both locally and globally is beyond me. I guess that's just the world we live in today. The rate at which information and misinformation can be passed on nowadays is incredible. So our name change is here to ensure whatever public opinion is of you, the individual who trains our programming, or, the gym itself, is 100% warranted. 

Welcome to the new Era of Opus Athletics, where we do more than just CrossFit. (Which has always been true....)


As a gym owner, how do I look at success? Is it by how many members we have? How many clients train per day? By how many Airdyne's we have? Is it how fast someone can do Fran? Or how much they can DeadLift? All of those things are byproducts of what I consider success. 

I feel successful, the gym IS successful when people succeed in life.

  • When a young teenager trains with us, learns how to properly use his body. Meaning, can properly do all forms of functional movements. Learns the value of hard work and training. Takes his new and improved fitness to the playing field, and becomes a better athlete, a better teammate, a better leader, and a better role model.  That is success. That young teenager didn't train with us 12 months of the year. So it's not about membership or attendance, or any business data point, it's about the person.
  • We've seen people run 1/2 marathons with confidence. Run from the valley to peak with no specific training. Winning bike races. Travelling the world on bikes telling storey's- (That's no typo!) That's success!
  • Let's not forget you, who had some pretty chronic pain. So much so that the outdoor sports that were so much a part of who you are, could no longer be enjoyed But are now back in the mix and stronger than ever. That is success. 
  • And how about the confidence you bring to your world outside the gym. That feeling you get by overcoming physical obstacle every day, translates itself in to the workplace and your personal life. Where you are no longer shy or intimidated to take chances and chase your dreams. That is success. 
  • And what about the countless confident young Mom's out there. Taking on the most breathtaking life experiences one can ever encounter in; Pregnancy, Child Birth, and Motherhood. All of which are flourishing beyond belief. Having the guidance from all of you, the community, and the confidence you instil, our next generation is sure to be ready to guide us in to a bright future. That is success.

YES, that is success. And it is all around our community. It's not just measured by how you look in them jeans. Or, whether you are better at the sports you love. It's a product of being a better you. And at the end of another year, I can't help but think of all those successes! I am proud to be a small part in that. And is why I will always have the most rewarding job on the planet!

2016-Time to look ahead

Before I started training CrossFit, I was big in to New Year's resolutions. Somehow, since then, not so much. Part of which is due to the fact that CrossFit keeps me motivated. But, more importantly allows me to continually smash my fitness goals, my life goals. What I tend to more of during this time of year is to be thankful for my family, my health, and to keep that a priority going forward. But.... it doesn't mean that there aren't goals to look forward to in 2016.

some 2016 goals 

January opus vita challenge

Starting Monday January 4th, you are all invited to kick off the New Year right! Introducing our new Nutrition and Fitness Challenge called the Opus Vita. We will set up a point system on how to track staying on top of your fitness, as well diet too. For the remainder of month we hope to challenge you to be a better you. Both diet and lifestyle to start off 2016 in the right direction, and never look back!

2016 crossfit open

It happens every year. And it is CrossFit at it's purist. Random, measurable, and challenging tests. Get yourself geared up, starting February 25th, once a week for 5 weeks CrossFit will put out a workout. And, for those participating, which I hope is every single one of you, will do that workout and submit a score. Yes, there will be a few of you who are actually competing in the Open for something- a chance to qualify for Regional competition, and eventually the games. But most, I'd guestimate over 99% of those registered in the world are doing it for fun. For a chance to challenge themselves. For no other reason than for the challenge itself. In fact, I've had a few email enquiries already for guests hoping to participate at our gym who are visiting Whistler during the Open schedule. For all of you, I hope that you are going to add this to your goals of 2016.

running races, triathlons, bike races

There's too many to list. But I do know that many of you fancy yourself a marathon. Or a half marathon, or a 5k, or a mini tri, or the Gran Fondo, or...... There's too many out there to list. I am hoping that come summer, you guys have something fun and outdoors as part of your list of events to do. One of my personal goals was to get as many of you as possible signed up and registered for either the Whistler half marathon or 10km or 5km. Of course it doesn't have to be you doing it with me. But it could be, and it should be. It's a local event, put on by a great local herself, Christine Suter, who is always a pleasure to support. It doesn't have to be the Whistler run, it could be anything your heart desires. Giving yourself an endurance goal over the summer is a great way to make your training accountable going forward. 

Crossfit competitions

Summer and Fall seems to be the season for a CrossFit throwdown. There are a few events that our crew have always had a great time with, and that could/should be something you keep on your radar. Uncle Rob's CrossFit Burnaby confederation cup. Jesse and Heather's CrossFit Squamish Fall Challenge. Plus many more that are a short drive away. 

start with a goal

Your goals don't have to align with mine, but, you should have some. Accountability is key to successful training. Having tangible goals, something to train for is what can make the difference between having a hard time waking up only to skip that 6am class, or staying consistent with your training and making it happen. I hope our Opus Vita Challenge can start the new year off right! I know it will for me. And I don't have any intention on looking back.

Finish Strong

All of what you do here, at the gym, is all about helping you be successful in all walks of life. Not just fitness. There are certain constants in life that can never been ignored. And I am not talking about death and taxes. I am talking about hard work and success. And you can consider or measure success any way you'd like. No matter how you come up with your formula of success, it doesn't come without hard work. It doesn't come without effort. It surely doesn't happen by accident. This rollercoaster ride we are on, can take you wherever you want to go. Make sure you are strapped in, and ready for ups and downs that lie ahead. Those that are geared up and ready to finish strong, have nothing but good fortune ahead. And I hope nothing more than for your successes going forward. 





A rose by any other name

With the launching of our new Website, there's no hiding that we go by a new name. Opus Athletics. We are still the home of CrossFit Whistler, and train mostly CrossFit, but, we call ourselves something a little different. Because we, just like every other CrossFit gym out there does more than just CrossFit.

Why Opus Athletics?

Reason #1- Family Lineage.

My late father owned a Stereo Store when I was kid called....."Opus Audio." To use Opus as our business name seemed like a perfect way to honour his memory, to create a legacy beyond his years. 

Reason #2-Then there's the word itself, OPUS.

By definition in a musical context: "one of the compositions of a composer"

Which is what we are chasing for our rebrand. To be known by the composition of what we do within our four walls. By what we offer to our clients. And by what we represent within our community. We are CrossFit by every sense of the word, but from now on we can be known by what we actually create and do. Not by what people think we do based on the word "CrossFit".

Are we still CrossFit Whistler?

Yes, 100%! I want us to be known as Opus Athletics, the home of CrossFit Whistler.

We do all things CrossFit. We train constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensities. We participate in the open, we hit benchmarks, encourage our clients to pursue fitness challenges. We are everything CrossFit embraces, we just want to be known by more than just CrossFit!

If we are CrossFit, then why change our name at all?

Well, it's pretty simple. Unfortunately people like to form opinions on things they don't know all that much about. CrossFit along with the help of Social Media has made an impression on everyone. And that impression has left the public with the idea of either.... Yeah, I want to try CrossFit... Or... CrossFit is not for me. 

And the sad thing about those who have already made their mind up about CrossFit, is that so many of them would fall in love with our gym and our program. The only true deterrent for those seeking an incredible training environment is that C word. Nothing about what we do inside the four walls of our gym. Now here's our chance! 


The goal going forward to be exactly who we are. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, more really, as we are always looking to improve on the services we deliver. With that can lead to a few more specialty classes. Think of the endurance classes, the gymnastic classes, etc.... Only now we are "Licensed" to offer them a little more if that's what our community is asking for. 

So keep your eyes on that schedule to see what type of classes are being offered. The first little tweak to the schedule is an evening barbell class.