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Training Layout Dec 5-11

Lots of things to discuss on this weekly report, none of it has to do with the training layout. In no particular order:


It’s time to vote for the pique best of whistler, the pique newsmagazine annual survey. Get your hand in and vote, you can see it here:


Christmas Party is this Saturday. It’s back at the gym, and it we are hitting up an old faithful theme. Christmas Sweater. It kicks off at 6pm, so that means no classes that evening. It’s a BYOB, BYO appy as a pot luck style. Family’s invited. 


The party has also been names Steph’s Farewell. Which is bitter sweet. Steph has been part of the CrossFit Whistler Opus Community for 4 years! That’s countless squats, pull-ups, high fives… and not to mention blood, sweat and tears. Ok, the tears are just me…… 

As coaches, we’re all so different. Yet, the one thing we have in common is our passion for training and health. All of our coaches are forced to juggle that passion and other jobs, other pursuits, and not to mention personal goals. If you know Steph, you’d know just how much is on her plate. Not only has she been employed full time for Whistler Blackcomb since she started. And is constantly seeking outdoor adventures, from biking to hiking and skiing in the winter. Oh, and if you are in the Netball scene, you know Steph. But somewhere between all of that, and coaching at the gym, she has found time for another career path on Message Therapy. If you are asking yourself, how does someone have time for all of that……well, the answer unfortunately became, there is not enough time for all of those pursuits. And after 4 years, with not enough time in the day, Steph is moving on. And although her days are too short, you’ll be sure that Steph will continue to fill hers up to the brim, making the most of the opportunities of what’s ahead. We wish her the best, and hope we haven’t seen the last of her in the gym. Her last official day of coaching is on Tuesday morning. So don’t miss out on one last ass kicking! Or, show up on Saturday and send her off in style. 


On a change of topic, it’s December. And that means a small change in the schedule. The 9am and 10am class on Mon/Wed/Fri has been morphed in to a 9:30am start. And rightfully so, most that have the opportunity to make it to the gym at that time are on the mountain. Since opening day, both those classes combined never exceeded 12 people, so combining the class makes for a much better training environment. If need to get your workout in earlier, then sign in to the open gym at 8. You don’t have to be there at 8 sharp, but do allow yourself enough time get that workout in before the 9:30am class starts. 


And last but not least. Did you know there’s been a cancellation/no show pandemic at the gym. Of course you know. We all know because we can all see who is registered for classes you are registered for. And we can then see who failed to show up. If you think we are not disappointed, you are wrong. So many times your peers are asking about you. As coaches, we are wondering where you are. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We all count on each other, and lean on each other. Don’t let us down.