Training Layout March 6-12

Week 2 is almost over. But not quite yet…. So, I’ll apologize now if you get a first on Monday and it’s not mentioned here. The photo chosen this week has to be the high five celebration after Candace got her first pull-up. For all the things that the OPEN is, the one thing for me that stands out beyond any other aspect is how many people push themselves and do something that they have yet to achieve. In this case, Candace, WOW!!!! You worked so hard for it. And I know there are times that it seems so far away from reaching a goal. But, something to do with a clock, a competition, a judge, and having to do an exercise without modification. And there you have it, all that hard work, using the gymnastic skills sheet/homework, and you nailed it! And so did Linda getting her first pull-ups the day before the WOD, and then getting too many to count in the WOD. And D’Arcy who has been so close to his first Bar Muscle Up… and BAM! Right before the WOD hit one. And 2 more in the WOD. 


Guys, that is HUGE!!!! It was by far the best part of this week’s OPEN. With only 3 people per heat, WOD 2 didn’t have quite the same energy as the 20 minutes of mayhem did in week 1. Yet this week for me was so much more exciting. Coaching people during a WOD, helping them improve technique and get better. Watching people achieve firsts. Keep it up! And for those that will do the WOD on Monday, reach high!


In other community news, it’s been a few weeks since going digital. And yes, there are some glitches, but OMG I am so excited to finally have DATA on your lifts/WODs. If by chance coaches get busy at the end of class and don’t get your scores in, you can do it yourself really easily on the app. Any feedback you may have let us know, as at the moment it’s still a work in progress. 


Thanks, and bring on week 3!