Training Layout March 13-19

When I think about who benefits most from participating in the OPEN, it’s not the obvious answer. I can say this… Marley, Myself, Austin, Candice don’t top the list. Personal highlights for me include Candace’s first pull-up, Linda’s first pull-ups, Linda’s first OH squats, Co’s breakthrough on the 61kg squat snatch, Tony’s 83kg snatch, D’arcy’s first bar muscle ups to name a few. There’s more, I know…….. oh…. and just remembered Adam’s 61kg squat snatch after the buzzer of the WOD. Because coming to the gym is common to us all, it’s hard to find that next level without something out of the ordinary. Right now it’s the OPEN. And guess what, if you are not registered, don’t think for a second you can’t come in to do the OPEN WODs. And in case you didn’t already know, you’re pretty much doing it on Sunday. 


We are 3 weeks in and it’s been an awesome journey so far. There are 2 more weeks to go and I am pretty confident we know what’s coming up. Although not exactly…. as every year the OPEN takes us for surprise. But….. we can pretend there’ll be a chipper. And usually the last WOD is a nasty couplet. So, with that in mind, that’s what we’re preparing for. But we also know there’s a curveball waiting. 


We’ve done our best to keep the programming in check whilst attacking the unknown on a weekly basis. This week is no different. Also, over the course of the open, we’ve seen so many of you come to the gym during the open gym times and practice some of your weaknesses. Great use of that time! Ring Muscle Ups and Handstand Push-ups should be on your radar, so don’t be shy to practice them up. Thinking outside the box, Pistols and Handstand Walks might be a possibility. As for Barbell we’re looking at cleans, shoulder to overhead from the technical side. And the rest are just fillers… double unders, wall balls, rowing, can be coming up. Come on in and practice. That’s what Open gym time is meant for. 


There’s nothing more inspiring than watching someone achieve something they never thought possible. And I’ve been lucky enough to see it many times. I’m looking forward to witnessing it for 2 more weeks. Will it be you????