Training Layout Feb 6-12

By the time this training week is over, it’ll be mid February. Less than 2 weeks away from the open. If you’ve heard me bring this up and have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a brief explanation. 


It’s the first step towards qualifying for the CrossFit Games. Which represents the less than 1% of the population. Before you can make the games, there is regionals. Want to make it to regionals, all you have to be in Canada West is in the top 20. Probably still in the less than 1% of those who compete in the open have a chance at moving on. So, why the OPEN you ask. Well, it’s a good time! Seriously. Once a week for 5 weeks, CrossFit comes up with a test (WORKOUT), and you do your best to complete that test as best as you can. Why is it a good time? Well, we all do it together! Every saturday we have a few times set aside in the late morning/ early afternoon to “throw down”. And if you’ve paid attention to how those that competed last weekend felt, don’t tell me you weren’t the least bit envious. And not to mention the FOMO from not competing, but the glow, and the drive in the gym last week. You too can fell that way. Minus of course the pain of doing 5 workouts in 2 days. Minus the torn hands. Minus the travel. But, will all the fun.


Although Saturday is the day to do the open, you’ll have the opportunity over the open gym times Friday and Monday. However, those days should only be seen as emergency. Doing it as a group is all the fun. To register, head to You won’t regret it! Oh, and how can I forget? Don’t consider yourself a Rx athlete? Don’t fret. There’s a scaled division. There’s also Masters categories. And, you don’t have to commit to scaled or Rx’d divisions. You can go back and forth. 


All your coaches can help you with questions about registering if you have any.  


Enjoy the week.