Hello 2018

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018


Let me start by saying that I hope you all had a great holiday season. Here in Whistler it can be a little crazy for some, crazier for others! The hope is the that loving holiday spirit spread cheer to you and your loved ones. No matter how chaotic it can be!


So much has changed since last year this time. Starting with our staff. Our Christmas photo featured Marley, Steph, Candice, Austin, and Jordan. Now it looks more than a little different. We start 2018 with Christine, Lula, Austin and Jordan. That's a big deal in our little world. As the year turns over, there's no doubt that Opus will be a little different than last year. Not only is our staff a little different, but so are so many of you! And if our Christmas party is any indication of what direction the gym is going, it's going to be a hell of a good year!


As our gym and community evolves, things look and feel a little different. (Other than me moving things around) 

Here are a few notables:

-Screens instead of whiteboards

-You record your scores, not the coach (Not sure if you all got that memo!?)

- Skills and drills classes are a regular thing- Although transitioning from once a week to once a month. Making them a little more special.

-NEW Friday Night Lights- An in house throwdown that we are incorporating in to our routine every month. First one being Jan 19th from 5-8p. And since we can't leave the gym without driving by Coast Mountain Brewery, it'd be rude not to stop in on our drive home. 

-We hope those throwdowns transition perfectly to the Open. Which we plan on doing Friday nights, instead of all morning Saturday. (We'll still have a Saturday option for those who can't do nights.)

-Pre-hab/Re-hab workshops by Christine to be added to the mix. The first we are hoping to get rolling this week. Sunday at 9am. More details to follow on how to get involved, and what's involved. 

-Some new equipment for the gym, to arrive shortly...... hopefully by the end of the week. 

- A comeback promotion for the month of January for ex-members who want to get back in the Opus Game.

-A newbie promotion for the month of January for those that want to take on CrossFit for the first time. 

Plus more to come in a fabulous 2018!


Before I say my goodbyes to you and close out this wonderful year. Let me do my best to share a few thoughts on the year to come through the eyes of a trainer and gym owner that have seen so many New Year's Resolutions come and go. 

1. Take advantage of any from of motivation you may have to get healthy. However, lay it down hard with discipline to make it happen. Trust me when I say your motivation will fade at times. But your discipline will keep you on track. It's your discipline that will keep your goals in front of you. Motivation eventually fails most people. So whatever your 2018 goal is, fitness related of not, supply it with a disciplined routine that will power you through the low motivational times.

2. There's a difference between a goal and a wish. Don't confuse them. When I say my goal is to win the lottery. Please correct me in saying that it is my wish, not my goal. As there's nothing I can do legally do to change my odds on becoming a winner. Many of you have health wishes, not goals. And it's not because they are too lofty, is that there is no reasonable way for them to come to fruition. Be sure that you can, and are willing to work for your goals. 

3. Speaking of goals, follow these guidelines known as S.M.A.R.T. goals. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based) I do hope to have some goals sheets to send you guys to help formulate some of your 2018 goals, to ensure they are SMART. As I've already heard some of your goals, and they are great goals, but they can be formulated a little better. There's nothing worse than witnessing someone's disappointment for a failed goal, when indeed they did improve. 

4.Not to sound negative on this one. As it's nice to reflect back on the year, set your sights higher for the upcoming one. But New Year's isn't the only time to set goals. You're allowed to do it all year long. So don't feel pressured to do it now. I've made, and attained some incredible goals throughout my life. As I'm sure you have to. For me, those goals weren't forced to be made on New Year's Eve. But manifested organically, and were truly embedded in my DNA. So don't feel left out if today isn't your day to set goals. When the time is right for you, go all in!


That is all of my rambling for 2017. May every one have a great 2018! 


PS. For those that have been absent most of the holidays. I expect you back on Tuesday ready to roll!