Welcome Lula

I am proud to announce that Lula Darquier will be joining our team of coaches at Opus Athletics. She will be joining Austin Evans, Christine Suter, and myself (Jordan Glasser). Adding another female coach will be a welcoming addition, as it's no secret that Austin and I cover the majority of classes. Having another female voice at the top of the chain will only help balance out our team. Having said that, make no mistake about it, Lula isn't our next coach because we need to balance out the gender ratio, she is our next coach because of who she is! And her story with CrossFit and Opus go way back!

Lula was part of the last group of foundations in our Creekside location back in November of 2012. For those keeping track, over 5 years ago! When she walked in the door, her motivation was to improve her fitness to help her mountain biking career. Since then, it's evolved, and you can see that Lula loves to train, loves to put in the work, which is obvious to those around her. 


Before CrossFit, and before mountain biking, Lula was a ski coach with a background in ski racing. She has an eye for detail, so don't think for a moment you'll sneak anything past her. (I know, I've been busted many times before!) She recently passes her level 1 coaches certificate for CrossFit, and is ready to start coaching classes on her own. 


Her 5 years of training with us packed more than enough evidence that Lula would be a great addition to our team of coaches. I am happy that she decided to join us, and am looking forward to what's to come!