Training Layout Jan 16-22

We our half way though January…. so that means if you are interested in getting started with CrossFit, act now to take advantage of our 1 week free trial. It honestly doesn’t get any easier, and more affordable to start. Some of you have tagged friends on Facebook, which I am extremely grateful for. But, it might need a human touch. Let them know what’s in store, and how easy it is to try it out.


Along that note, I’ve been asked countless times about how crazy January must be in the gym with new people getting started. And yes, we do have more new people getting started in January then any other month. But it’s not crazy. And the main reason is that there’s a belief that Crossfit is too hardcore. Or, I am too out of shape to start CrossFit. Let me debunk both of those myths. 


1. Hardcore? Seriously? Yes, those who train CrossFit as sport can be hardcore. Which represents so few of the members who train with us. That leaves well over a hundred of normal, everyday people, who are just looking to get fit. There’s nothing hardcore about it. You can take it as seriously as you want, but trust me when I say you shouldn’t form an opinion over something you have never tried, never experienced, or never spent the time to find out more about. Hardcore is what I see you guys doing when I go biking, when I go skiing, when I go running. We can control every single variable in a gym to ensure you are working within your ability level. Not so true in the real world when tackling so many of things we all love to do. 


2. Not fit enough? I truly do get this. I do. More often then not, those looking to start a gym routine are below their own standard of fitness. Making joining a gym like ours intimidating to say the least. But that perception is made up. As your potential Coach, trust me when I say I do not judge your level of fitness. How fit you arrive only dictates your potential for improvement. I would say the best success stories are those who arrive and are shy, who are lacking confidence in themselves. Those are the ones that 2 months later shatter not only what they believed they were capable of. But their entire self-image. If you are underachieving in the fitness world, you are not alone. There are many great choices to get fitter. I honestly can say that, I don’t speak negatively towards any of the options that surround you. Boot camps, the recreation centre, local gyms, local trainers, yoga, pilates, are all great options in this town. Having said that, if you’ve tried them before and haven’t been able to stick with it, maybe it’s time you knock on our door and find out why we have clients that have been with us for over a decade. With those same clients still learning new things. Still getting fitter. Still motivated. Long story short, fit or not, we can help. Not fit, and want to get fitter, this is the fastest path to get you there. 


The question I get in and around town about whether it’s jamming with new clients in January is really the wrong question. What I wish people asked me was how exciting is it to have new clients choose your gym as their place to start fresh and get fit. If that was the question, I’d take their ear off for days….. I’ve love every opportunity to meet new clients. To sit down with them during their free orientation and discuss what fitness goals they have. And love every minute of seeing them stick to their goals and become the person they were hoping to be. 


Have fun with the week ahead, and looking forward to meeting even more new faces!