Training Layout Sept 5-11


For those who have started their 1 month Sugar Free Challenge….I salute you! I am 4 days in and I can’t tell you how many “innocent” foods have sugar. I shared on the Facebook group (Which you should join if you are part of, ask me and I’ll add you) just how hard it is to avoid sugar %100 of the time. Even if you are a conscience eater. So, let’s just say that I am going to try really hard to make it a full day without sugar.


Oh, and we are a few days in to switching our system over to Zen Planner. If anyone is experiencing trouble, please let me know ASAP. The sooner everyone gets their account rolling, and billing information up and going, the sooner I can wrap my head around using the WOD tracking feature. So, please do your best to get on it! 


As for the week ahead, it’s starts with a boom! Monday we are running on a shorter holiday schedule for Labour Day. 9 & 10am, and 4 & 5pm. Holiday workouts are often big benchmarks. Not quite so tomorrow. We’ll see a short Benchmark, with a short time capped max olympic lift. After a solid rest, another 10 minute of clean work. I know I can’t wait ;)


The rest of the CrossFit week might not have a highlight, but, it does look good. I look forward to seeing the consistency of your training payoff. We have a few similar strength pieces, where you have a chance to really show your strength and adaptation. Plus the workouts are neat. The variation of Nasty Girls, the chipper. Can’t wait. 


As for Endurance. Tuesday’s WOD is simple, yet I can’t wait to hit it. It’ll be really effective. And Thursday will promise to provide you with 40 minutes of sweating. 


Enjoy the week,