Training Layout Aug 22-28

This week is going to be fun for us coaches. We are putting you to the test(s). We are throwing a wide variety of things at you, and, we can’t wait to see you give it your all. Some tests will cater to the strong, others to the fast. Some for those with great cardio, others for those who like to sprint. Regardless of whether you are in “Test” mode, or, you just want a good workout, this week will offer quite the variety!


Tangent first, D’Arcy was away in Tofino, and was visiting a CrossFit-eque gym, Tofino School of Fitness. No franchises in Tofino. Most of you know Dan Mcmeel the owner, and of course Bob who trains there. Any who, there was a shirt sitting on my desk from there, and on the back, it said: “Move Better”. And I thought to myself….. Bullseye. Perfect. Simple. Spot on. And why I felt so connected to those 2 words is simple. Because it’s the essence of my job. Of all of the coaches. Example being…. On tuesday when I am looking at you guys row, am I looking at your screens to see your split times? Or, am I watching from the side seeing your technique? Am I virtually giving Coach Phil a high five because you’ve been practicing how to row better? Well…. I sure hope so! Sure, I’ll be pumped when I hear you beat your PR. But, there will be a lot of you that have a PR at your disposal, but that day wasn’t your day. I’ll still be pumped if you move better. And you should too. Same goes for tomorrow’s Powerlifting Total. I can guarantee, some PR’s. And I can guarantee some of you will not. But, I can assure you I’ll be pumped if you look good in your lifts. If you give full effort…. If you MOVE BETTER! Thanks Dan, that was a gentle reminder of how simple my job description could be, yet how damn important it is. 


So, the week ahead and what to expect. 

Each day is a new day, and, I can guarantee, some tests you’ll like, and some you won’t. The beauty of all these tests is that are also good workouts. So, if you’ve been Crankworx-ing it up. Lower your targets and enjoy the workouts. If you are locked in to beast mode, set your sights high, and give’r all you’ve got. Short story long, enjoy! My only words of advice, which might arrive a little late is as follows. Starting Monday’s WOD with heavy lifting means show up to class physically prepared, but more importantly body aware. Don’t say, and or do stupid things. Things like: My back’s been a little stiff, but, I’m sure once I put some weight on the bar I’ll be fine. Or, waking up 10 minutes before class starts, and ask yourself to lift heavy things. Or…. getting greedy. Meaning wanting desperately to lift a certain weight that you make ridiculously big jumps to get there. Or…… I can keep going but I won’t. Not sure of what to do when trying to lift heavy weights, ask your coach, get to the gym early.  Need guidance of how much you can lift, look at your log book. Don’t record your weights in any way….. then you make it hard for us coaches to guide you. 


Enjoy the week…. I know I will!