It's been 10 years!

I’ll start by saying that I am sorry. This weeks blog was supposed to be the week to recap our 10 years of affiliation. And well….. it’s not an easy task. I don’t even know where to start! 


With that, I’ve decided that first place I need to travel is in our recent history. And that is thanking everyone who came to Saturday’s Anniversary Party. It’s always fun seeing you guys outside of your sweaty gym gear. I am not saying you don’t put effort in to looking good when you train. I see your matching lulu’s. But y’all sure know how to fix yourselves up! In case you didn’t know… I had a blast. Steve travelled at the way from victoria, some of you guys as far as Pemberton. Again, thanks to all those who came out, it was great times.


As many of you know, not only did CrossFit Whistler turn 10, but I happened to turn 40. And I am not sure how others feel about turning 40, but for me it hardly registered to the magnitude of CrossFit’s 10th anniversary. (Don’t get me wrong, I did get spoiled beyond belief.) So, what does it mean to turn 10?


This is the hardest part of this blog. As it’s hard to tell a 10 year story without mentioning people. But it’s harder to mention everyone that’s had a part! I’m sure to leave people out. Same goes for those who watched Saturday’s slide show. It was an incredible trip down memory lane. And it did capture hundreds of the people that were a part of this community, both big and small. But it certainly didn’t have everyone in there. So many new faces from the new space weren’t there. (Apparently, it was cool to take photos of people working out 5-10 years ago. Not so much anymore.) It’s hard because so many people have touched my life, and made my life a reality. There have been those that have only been here for foundations that have taught me things I have never forgotten. So for me, I really get all choked up inside wanting to Thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. I truly am so grateful, it’s beyond words. 


And it’s funny, so many of you have been thanking me. But it’s really the other way around. I am the one that has to thank you. You want to thank me for being a part of your training. For being your coach. Well, you know how boring it would be to coach a class with zero participants. Exactly! It’s me that needs to thank you. All of you. I’ve learned a lot coaching all of you. From the high level athlete, to those looking to turn their lives around. I need you to be a success. To enjoy what I do. To continue to keep CrossFit Whistler alive for another 10 years… Heck, forever! 


Here’s an example of how you make the gym successful. For the first 9 years we spent $0 in advertising. (Other than the money spent on a website.) Translation is that you are all responsible for bringing in new faces. How you conduct yourself outside the gym is a constant endorsement to our community. So much so, that you encourage others to join in on the fun. So again, a big thank you is in order. Did I mention you should keep it up! Because you should.


More importantly, it’s our understanding of history that will pave our future. So, as I hope that this journey can continue as far as the eye can see, I need you now more than ever. I need you guys to continue to push me, to push our coaches, to have the highest standards. To not be satisfied with just OK. We need your collective motivation each and every day. Yes, as coaches, you need us to lead by example. But truthfully, unless we are there training with you, there’s only so much words can do to light a fire under your a$$. It’s those of you in class that are the true motivators. Iron sharpens Iron. The more you bring it, the more those around you will too. Collectively, classes either finish workouts quickly, or they finish them slowly. Who surrounds you in your hour of training has a large impact on how you will act, and how you will perform during that session. Feeling accountable for your training, either through the eyes of us the coaches, or your peers will enable you to dig deep when you need it most. As coaches, I speak for every single one of them, we applaud your efforts, not your results. Efforts will in turn breed results, but don’t confuse the 2. Just because you feel your time, your weights, your score doesn’t measure up, think again. We care about your effort. We hope, that we encourage you to try, and give it your all. That needs to be the history lesson, and that needs to be what carves our future path. 


Once upon a time I was a personal trainer in Whistler. With zero clients. All I knew about why I had made a career change was to do something I was passionate about. And I knew that I couldn’t fail if I was passionate about what I was doing. Because that passion could not be measured by dollars and cents. So, I ventured to uncomfortable places with the help of family and friends that had my back. They provided the support I needed to grow from zero clients all the way to a place where I was able to open a gym in under 2 years. Even in typing this I am reminded of that motivation, which is still in me. Every orientation and foundations I do, allows me to express what CrossFit means to me, and how we go about teaching it. And even though that teaching has evolved, I never forget how impressionable and impactful it can be on someone’s life as it did mine. It can change them forever. 


So again, if you think you are thankful, think again, it’s me who is thanking you. And when I go and thank those who taught me CrossFit, and helped me along the way, I’m sure they’ll tell me what I am telling you.


As for the week of programming…… Come in and find out!