Training Layout July 11-17

I’m as excited to train as I’ve ever been….. and this week is another that’s got me raring to go! I’m going to start with the team of coaches. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a full crew at your service. If you have a look at the schedule this week, you’ll find what we hope is a consistent schedule where you can find not only Marley, Steph, and myself (Jordan) at your services. But Candice and Austin ready to go as well. So, if you are a planner, and like to know who will be coaching you. Peek at the schedule, so you know where to find us.


So, this week. IMO, from the CrossFit Programming, I can’t wait to hit….. all of the WODs. M-W-F are sweet! And I am not missing benching on Saturday. I am already scheduling my personal training schedule to not miss a day! I suggest you do the same.


As for Endurance. I love the fact that we can take a Benchmark workout, as the case Tuesday, and not stop there. We’ll still have time in the hour to do some interval work. And speaking of interval work, we’ll do it again on Thursday, this time outside, weather permitting. Plus a hard working 20 min amrap. It will push you to climb that rep ladder, and start all over again! 


And last but not least…. that every elusive 7am class on Saturday. I guess it’s just not meant to happen :( It’s a nice idea, but weekends are too unpredictable……It was pulled this week due to zero sign ups. And I’m guessing it’ll be the same next week too….


Enjoy the week!