Weekly Training July 4-10

As ritual serves, this post is to describe what lies ahead in the week of training. I often reflect back on what was, and hope to give insight and inspiration of what’s to be. Today, I am going to talk about 1 thing, and 1 thing only. And it’s the story of how we all need each other to become the best who we are.


This topic has hit me about 10x a day for the last month or so. But even before that, I see it at least once a day. It slapped me hard in the face every time I attended one of @munnymunny running clinics. And this time around it was during Friday’s Murph. Or saturday’s….. Sorry about that cheeky one. 

It hit me 2 ways. The first is listening to those before the workout starts. The trepidation, the nervousness, the pregame jitters. Then post WOD, the glow, the self confidence, the hunger, the drive, the emotion, the accomplishment. All of this happened because there was a team of people there for you. At your side. You needed them, and they needed you. You may have not realized it at the time, but every single one of you helped each other. I can’t tell you how many times I heard….”If it wasn’t for you chasing me, I probably would have walked the second mile”. And that was quickly prompted by….”If I didn’t see you ahead of me, I probably would have started to walk”. You are all so important to each other. More than you’ll ever realize. Most of you train at similar class times. And those people at those times always want to know where you are went you’re not around. They want to see you improve. When you improve, they know that have to do the same to keep up, or try and stay ahead. In either case you are all so important to each other. 


Which leads me to the other way I was reminded of how important we are all to each other. 11am on July 1st rolled in, and I was there gearing up to start the WOD. Everyone kicking around from the earlier class kept asking me. “Are you doing the Murph alone?” Yes, I said. Which quickly is followed by “How do you do that by yourself? I couldn’t do it alone.” Well, the truth is I am never training alone. I work out with every single one of you. Coaches and clients alike. I don’t always have the luxury of doing it side by side. But, every single person who did that workout on Friday morning was my training partner that day. I saw so much effort. So much drive. So much being accomplished, that in no way was I alone that afternoon. I know this because my second run was faster that my first. I had someone chasing me, and I was chasing someone else. (And no, those aren’t the voices in my head.) 


So, if you can take away one thing from the last week of training, and carry it over for this coming week and beyond. Is…. That you don’t train alone. You have a community of people that are here, helping each other to no end. You all are more important that you will ever know. Whether you are a part of the 6am crew, the 7am, the 8am….. (I could go on.) you make the results are what they are, and when you aren’t around, you are surely missed :( 


Great work for all those who did the “Murph”. I hope you’ve recovered well, and are ready to ramp things back up! Congrats, and see you all this week for a great week of training!