Training Layout July 25-31

I can’t believe that it’s the last week of July! I feel like one blink of an eye, and summer will be over. But….. in the meantime, we are still programming the heck out of summer months, and not to mention, have the Running Clinics back on! 


We’ll start with the run clinics. Munny is getting the plan going as we speak to gear you up for Running Clinics. They start this sunday, July 31st. The details and start times will be posted at the gym, but, if you are interested, let the coaches know so that we can invite you to the running group we have on Facebook. The sessions we did leading up to the Whistler half were gold, don’t miss out this time around. Even if you aren’t registered any events, this is a must do if you want to enjoy running, become a better runner, and improve on your cardiovascular endurance. 


For the week that lies ahead, the highlights, IMO, are the Endurance classes. They are the ones that will really push you. Many of the CrossFit classes will be trying to improve your base, and influence your ability to get after some workouts that are in the near distant future. But, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I can’t wait for Wednesday’s WOD. Or the chance to flip some tires and climb ropes on Saturday. 


Last but not least….. there was this little event that happened over the weekend called the CrossFit Games. If you missed out on the action, I suggest you check out the incredible athletes, doing unbelievable things. You won’t lack any motivation after watching what they did over the past week.