Training Layout July 18-24

We have officially crossed the middle of July. And we’re all still waiting for summer. Well, not me. Cause it’s here. And if you go back to last year, the extremely nice weather brought along many hardships. The province being on fire is one thing that comes to mind. The other was the extreme heat, and the lack of motivation to train in it. Not this year. We’ve been blessed. Sure, it’s been muggy at times, but all in all it’s been a great balance. I don’t think one person has avoided the gym all month due to weather. You may have other excuses that are working in your favour, but weather sure isn’t one of them. 


Momentum has been building steadily on all sides of our programming, From the young adults that have been coming in at 4, training for their various power sports; Hockey and Football. Plus our endurance aficionados, who literally make a habit of plowing through 30-40 minutes of work as if it were no thing. You should see the looks on guests faces who come to an endurance WOD when they are done! And let’s not forget the CrossFit programming side of things. Where I feel like updating the leaderboard is a full time job.


Looking ahead, it’s all about keeping that momentum rolling. Sure, wednesday’s a benchmark WOD, but, that isn’t the only thing on the radar. We’re on maxing out 2 lifts this week. Important to your improvement, and the ability to do more work on more challenging skills, we have 2 AEOMOM. The goal on those pieces is to gain confidence and proficiency in more challenging exercises. We’ll see it for HSPU, Strict C2B Pullups, Pistols and snatches. It’s these EMOM’s that can really help you succeed at workouts. So use them wisely!


See you for the week of #gains