Weekly Training Layout June 27-July 3rd

I can’t believe just how fast time can fly! It’s Canada’s Birthday this week, and that means one fun workout. This year canada day is on Friday, and that means the following. Gym will be closed for regular classes. We will have times where we’ll be open. Open for a chance to do the MURPH. We’ll have scaled options, as well as a few weight vests. There’s a few rules that apply. 

1. It looks like it will be a hot one. So, don’t show up under hydrated or underfed and expect something good to happen. It’s a hot long workout, and it will take your body to the limits. That also means hydrating with more than water is a good idea. In cases like this I like to use an emergenC pouch. And BCAA’s. But something that will help replenish your salts and not just water. As that will only dilute water salts you are not sweating out. 

2. Don’t tear your hands. Seriously. Sweaty long workouts that involve the pulp bar take a plan or two. If you know you tear, invest in some gloves. They are a great idea for this kind of a workout. I recommend heading to Lordco, and get the “Mechanix” brand gloves. They are identical from the ones Rogue makes at a fraction of the cost. Or, purchase some tape upstairs. And ask the coach if they can recommend a tape job. Just not 10 seconds before the workout is about to begin.

3. Don’t bite of more than you can chew. Remember, this is just exercise. You’ve done plenty of workouts leading up to the murph that will tell you if your body is ready for the volume that lies ahead. Let the coach guide you through necessary scaling options.

4. Have fun.


Just because we are doing the Murph on friday, doesn’t mean the rest of the week is non-existent. Monday we’ve got a good strength layout planned. Plus a low volume, heavy thruster in a workout. I can’t wait to see that one shape up. Tuesday, in the Endurance world, this will be take 2 for this benchmark. We had to skip it last friday, but are trying again. The weather should permit. I can’t wait for it to go down and see the times. Every benchmark we’ve repeated lately has me erasing and updating the leaderboard. It’s awesome to see. Wednesday we break out the prowler, as part of a workout. But, true to form with that tortuous device. We have you resting between rounds, so that you can go hard. 

Thursday is a long chipper, AMRAP style. Get the work done, and start all over again! Friday is the Murph. And Saturday, something for everyone. We’ll be ready for those who just did the murph, and those who haven’t……..


Now that the layout is over……It’s time to address Saturday morning, 7am class. Personally, I am all for it. However, attendance speaks for itself. I WILL PUT IT BACK IN STARTING THIS WEEK. I do feel as though it belongs. And, so many of you have expressed interest, and want to train at that time. So, it’s on. However, like always, attendance will determine how long it stays. I hope forever! It’ll be up to you.