Weekly Training Layout June 20-26

I am not going to beat around the bush. Get ready to rumble this week! We have not one, but two benchmark workouts on the docket. And both of them involve running. Both will cover the same distance, however, our endurance version on Tuesday is quite a bit longer. I envision the majority finishing 30 and 40 minutes. However, there is potential to get it done in under 20 minutes…. I’ve seen it done. Our next benchmark falls later in the week, where we hope to see most everyone finish in under 20 minutes, with a sub 15 minute goal. Both are challenging, but in very different ways. 


The rest of the week isn’t nothing to snuff at either. Monday is helping us getting ready for our annual “murph”, which we’ll be hitting on Canada Day. More details on when that will go down, as we are closed for regular scheduled classes. Wednesday’s WOD represent the most “Skilled” movements in our challenge. And Saturday, although doesn’t look to hard on paper, IMO will surprise people the most once they begin that WOD.


Things to note! Running Clinics with @munnymunny are coming back in July. On the whiteboard upstairs, we have a list of running events happening from now until the fall. Time to get yourself a goal, and smash it. I can assure you that 100% of the people that signed up to do the whistler half or 10k were happy they did. And are probably on that board already. Don’t miss out, there’s so much to choose from. From short to long. From flat to uphill. Trail to road! 


Happy training.