Weekly Training Layout June 13-19

It’s been a good two weeks of writing layouts. Because for the second time in a row I can speak about the accomplishments within our community. If this keeps up, it’s going to be an amazing summer!


Let’s start with Comfortably Numb. It’s a 23km-ish Running race on the bike/hike trail we know as well, comfortably numb. We didn’t have quite the same number of participants as the whistler half, but, don’t confuse quantity with quality. As you all know, Saturday was a very wet day. And the course, is nothing more than just a trail. So with 800m elevation gain, and 790m of loss, the wet conditions added another challenging layer. Congrats to all those that competed this year, the question is, who are you getting involved to join you next!


Shown in the photo below is one of those moments as a coach that I will never forget. Innocent enough, teens class performing a 2k row. Add Coach Phil to the mix, and all of a sudden there’s magic. I know for fact, that many of you will avoid the gym on a day where we have a 2k row, so imagine the look on the boys face when an accomplished University Level Rowing coach starts talking about rowing, the olympics, and pain tolerance. Needless to say, Phil was able to do what Phil does, and jazz these boys up to row their faces off! The energy was electric!at  (Of course when it was going off, my camera was away, this photo doesn’t do it justice.) The boys all threw down some amazing times. But more importantly, the raw emotion of finishing the task. Or working hard. Of building self esteem. It’s truly irreplaceable. I was glad I can be there.


And now, for this week. No Fran’s, No Eva’s, No Murph’s, and unfortunately, No good looking weather to look forward to :( I am super excited to see how Friday works out. No pun intended. Lot’s of skill being asked of you. But, with the element of partnering, should lead to a few….. “I didn’t know I could do that moments.” Again, some good strength pieces to look forward to. And, not to mention. I am excited to see some of the regulars hit the Olympic Lifting classes. There’s a little more barbell work sprinkled in there…… Oh, and Thursday is almost a benchmark flithy fifty. We’ve just added a few things in there to change it up.


Enjoy the week!