Training Layout Nov 7-13

We are well in to prepping for winter. Some of you I’m sure have been on snow, while others will start their snow sliding season before you know it. Let’s call this post, “How to enjoy the entire ski season”. Or, AKA, “Don’t be a Dumbass”.


Before I shed some light on early ski conditions, let me remind everyone of some basic laws of training. You adapt to the stresses placed upon your body. And, as fit as you may be, you have not skied or snowboarded yet this year. So, it means that once you do, there’s a good chance that your body is going to feel it. And, that you will require time to recover from those new types of exercise exposures. Do not confuse that with lack of fitness. Your fitness level will show dividends with your ability to recover faster, and adapt to these new stresses. There are 2 major reasons for this. 1, we do not train in a way that mimics skiing and snowboarding. As those sports are fun as hell, but when mimicked in the exercise world excessively, it will encourage and create muscular imbalances. You know, the ones you are trying to overcome from spending a ton of time riding. 2. riding is a sport that is done over the course of hours, and training we measure in minutes. In short, make sure you give yourself a little time to find your riding legs, they’ll be there in no time!


Also, that first few big days can be really play havoc in to your ability to hit the gym hard. Please don’t confuse that with the inability to train and ride. Yes, you can do both, just like you can ride your bike and train, but that took a bit of time to acclimatize to. Skiing will to. So, if you need to adapt your training slightly, please do. I know I might. The change will look involve some of the following. 

  • extra mobility to work pre and post work. Work is both riding and training.
  • Less emphasis on intensity of strength training, more emphasis on ROM and technique (which is short lived)
  • Keeping the intensity of WODs the same. However, that means I have to scale things accordingly. Example. If you do Fran in 7 minutes RX’d. But, you legs are heavy from a big pow day. Scale the weight down some, so that you are still going to finish is 7 minutes. Don’t keep it Rx’d, and finish the WOD in 11 minutes. 
  • And, here’s the most important part. Changing the volume, or the movements themselves, if they don’t match my riding output. It’s not wussing out, it’s not about proving whether or not I can do the WOD. It’s about longevity, and what your goals are in training. 

Remember, when we program, we do it a week ahead. We don’t know the weather forecast, we don’t know how often you get up the mountain, we don’t know how many hours you’ve been working, or how many hours of sleep you get per night. So making these changes are often the best thing for you. Don’t be shy to make them, or approach the coach about scaling options.

For the Dumbass portion, it's really easy. Don't be a statistic! Riding is a high risk sport. Injuries are a common occurrence. Some are unavoidable. But many are. And you certainly don't need to be that guy/gal who is seen on crutches after day 1, or day 7. Early season, don't be a dumbass. Don't assume the mountain is the same as it was last season. If you've seen the terrain you ride on over the summer months, you'd know it's nothing more than rocks, tree stumps, fallen trees,etc... covered by snow. The only reason you slide over it is an "abundance" of winter snow. So that means, don't take air blindly, your landing may not be what you remember it. I'm assuming you have the entire season to enjoy yourself, not just the first week, or the first month. Respect the mountain, it's terrain, and the risks involved. Enjoy it for all it's worth, but, for the love of Pete, ease in to it.  


For the week ahead, not much share, other than….. it’s another good one. For some, I look at Saturday’s benchmark as I must do! Others, will love Friday’s Barbell fun. And everyone will appreciate the skill practice all over Wednesdays’ training. Especially the gymnastic circuit- Bar Muscle Ups anyone? Slightly different layout for Tuesday’s AMRAP is a nice change. DL monday! 


Enjoy the week,