Training Layout Nov 28-Dec 4

Welcome to winter! For all that goes in to the ups and downs of how much snow there is on the mountain in the offseason, and when it will open. Let this be a reminder of the fact that 3 days is all it takes to make it happen. So for future years, spare yourself the roller coaster of a ride during October and November. Because all that matters is what you’ve seen this week. And it’s been nothing short of spectacular. Still again, I remind you, it’s early, play safe!


When looking at our crew of clients, your exposure to the snow varies between having gone up everyday, to having not been up at all. The one thing you all have in common is that keeping yourself functional is the key to keeping the body going optimally. In english, make sure you keep yourself moving, and hitting the gym regularly. Just make sure you honour those riding legs. Which means lightening loads where necessary, reducing weights where appropriate, and spending time paying attention to your range of motion. And doing something about it when it's not up to par. Example being. If you come tomorrow during the box squats, and find yourself struggling to move well. Don’t be stubborn and “see what happens when you go heavy”. Keep the weights in an area to work on technique, and spend some time mobilizing between sets so that you can undo some of the tightness that days of shredding have taken on the body. 


Another point- As you are introducing another output to your training. Give yourself some time to adapt. You can’t hit up a sport you haven’t done in a long time and expect to be optimal. I’m sure you’ve had sore legs. Tired legs. But, I’m also sure you’ve been strong on your feet. Strong core, all of which parlaying into being better at what you do. Keep both activities alive. Prioritize with your personal goals in mind. Not mine. And make sure you lay your foundation in both sports now so that the rest of the winter is a breeze!


Enjoy the week. 


Oh- Small recap from weightlifting skills and drills. So much going on, we as coaches understand. Heck, we fight the same battles as you! Just because I can coach, doesn’t mean I can lift! (Train with me and you'll see). Stick with honouring the process. Mastering the little bits. When you start to win the little battles, the rewards are plentiful! You’d be surprised what battle you might be losing… It may not be as complex as you think!