Training Layout Nov 21-27

This week I’ll cut right to the chase. Ski season is about to start. Be careful. There’s not much snow out there. And even if there is….. Try to make the most out of the entire season, not be a hero before the real fun begins.


The big to do is Skills and Drills this Sunday. Yes, that’s a Sunday. It’s from 12-2. And is open to all levels. We will spend quite a lot of time on drills, and eventually get to some lifting weights. These are usually a super fun time. Also to note, this week Olympic Weightlifting is gone from Saturday’s normal 9am time and is being replaced by our Mobility Plus Session. I hope we can make this stick. We are looking to find more time(s) to get our mobility sessions in, but, if we do add them in, something has to give. 


Also, we do have our resident Rowing coach Phil in town for this weeks programming. He’ll do his best to help out Tuesdays’ classes (Not sure what ones just yet). And is open to running a rowing clinic. If anyone is interested, we have a week to organize so please let me know.


And last but not least, we’ve started to get geared up for our Christmas Party. We are going to do it at the gym again. Tentative date is Saturday Dec 10th. Time to start booking that night off. We’ll start to release more details once we dial them in.


Farewell, and enjoy the week. Oh, and by the way, it’s a good one!