Training Layout Oct 31-Nov 6

We start Monday off with a Halloween WOD. Yes, we want you in costume! If you read no further, you have all the instructions you need!


For the rest of the week on the CrossFit, I would consider the beginning of the week “work” focused.While the end of the week is more skilled focused. I look forward to Monday’s partnered day, as it’s not that often we program partnered WODs. I like it because I know I am supposed to rest for around half the workout. Which means, I am not shy to work hard during the other half. I also love the variability behind the WOD, as I really don’t know how much work I am going to do before it starts, which is a nice change. 


Endurance does feature a benchmark WOD on Thursday. So, once again, if you record your data, it will allow you to make the most out of the workout. And if you don’t….. then start! We are also continuing on our strength, endurance style. As we repeat moves from week to week, it is our hopes that you look to push a little more weight each time. 


Lastly, I would like to comment on the comments I’ve received about the amount of lunges and leg work we’ve been doing as of late. Yes, it sure does feel like a lot. And yes, it has left many of you a little sore for days on end. And yes, it’s not by accident. Skiing could be upon us in just a few weeks time. And when it does, you will be more than happy to have legs of steel. Of course, you all know that scaling or even changing an exercise or 2 is not only an option when you’re sore, but it’s advised. 


Enjoy the week!