Training Layout Oct 24-30

Before we take a look at the week ahead, I’ll take you through a journey of the weekend that just passed. Since most that follow these posts follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you are well aware that Marley and Austin competed this weekend at Fraser Valley Throwdown. As much as the results tell a story, they don’t always tell the whole thing. I’ll forego an entire recap, as that’s no fun either, but, I will give you my take on what two unbelievably hard working, good people achieved this weekend. And why I am so proud that they not only represented our gym in vancouver competing, but represent our gym as coaches day in and day out. 


Let’s start with the results. Austin finished 4th overall. Marley Finished 13th overall. Both qualified for the final WOD, which in it of itself is quite the accomplishment. 

Marley’s highlights have to be her 4th place finish in event 3. DL’s and Rope climbs. Just 1 place behind the overall winner, who’s a regional qualifier. NBD. Beyond the stats of the weekend, it’s hard to look past at how far Marley has progressed, and all of the work she’s put in to compete on the MainStage at an Rx’d competition with some heavy hitters. On top of that, it was hard to take a picture and not find her smiling. I think she was in her happy place. 

As for Austin, everyone wanted to know how I thought he would do entering the comp? And truth be told, when it came to his results, I had no idea. Mostly because I had no idea who he was competing against, and because he has never competed at a CrossFit event. And, just like Marley, by far the my most proud moments are just watching all the hard work and effort in the gym pay off. Again, between the two of their smiles, sportsmanship, and overall qualities that make good people, how can you not feel like they killed the event. So, a 4th place overall, with only 1 point away from landing on the podium was definitely worth the suspense. After a 7th place performance on WOD 1, which was a text book 127kg 3rm front squat with no rack turning out to be his lowest ranking WOD, where can you find anything to be disappointed with. But after watching him be the first athlete to finish WOD 2 in his heat, while everyone got time capped, his smile was worth it’s weight in GOLD.


Make sure you guys feel proud of your accomplishments this past weekend. And, I’m sure you have an even bigger fire lit to train harder. Make sure you do no such thing for the next few day ;) And before I go…. A big Thank You. You could not be better ambassador’s for Opus, and of course, letting me Coach you along the way!


As for the week that’s passed, and week to come….. I have no choice but to make this short now! Opus 60, WOW! Now that was a WOD to be reckon with. We’ll see that one again, and we’ll see it soon. Randy…. I can’t believe how many names got on the leaderboard. Oh, and I do need to mention, speaking of LeaderBoard, Gemma making leaderboard for a 2k row, that was part of a workout, not the workout in it of itself. That was awesome. 


This week is benchmark-less. Which is a good thing. Meaning that even though you are going to go through some good workouts and push hard, there’s no need to hit any workout like it’s your last. There’s a good mix of skills as well, especially on Saturday’s WOD. Come hit everyday this week!