2015 Thank You. 2016, Let's do this!

The clock has struck midnight, and it's officially a new year. Time for all of us to reflect on the years past, and set goals for the year to come. 


We all know Whistler is not your average town. From the outside looking in, this is heaven on earth. But truth be told, it's not alway Unicorns and Rainbows. Take the holidays for example. Most of my friends are working over the Holidays, and probably their busiest time of the year, and don't necessarily have the opportunity to be with their entire family. But, what we do have is each other, our Whistler Families. And I can feel that Christmas Spirit, or, for the sake of being PC, Holiday Spirit. There's a genuine refreshing sentiment I not only see between the members of our community, but within those around town. And it takes us through the amazing time of the holidays, which is where we are today. A chance to start the next year off right. To be grateful to not only what's around us, but more importantly, who is around us. How to fulfill our lives, and hopefully, in turn, that means fulfill those around us, and the environment we live in.


Nowadays, to look back at your year in review, there's an app for that. Seriously, Facebook will do it for you. Thankfully I have safeguards in place that prevent me from spending too much time on social platforms, aka Amanda, so I will have to do this one by feel. 


How can this not be the first thing that comes to mind. We've changed our name. For me personally, although it was something I wanted to do for over 2 years, I am still very emotional for having done it. And not just because the name represents my late father's business, because that will always be front and centre. But it means I had to finally give up the battle of defending the perception of CrossFit. Even though after 10 years of building a positive community and reputation of training in this area. Empowering all walks of people to live happier and healthier lives. Having been a stepping stone for at least 5 others to start a CrossFit gym of their own. (Of course CrossFit Whistler wasn't 100% for all of these changes in people. But you can be sure we played a role.) Yet there's so many people with a strong opinion of CrossFit without knowing much about the program both locally and globally is beyond me. I guess that's just the world we live in today. The rate at which information and misinformation can be passed on nowadays is incredible. So our name change is here to ensure whatever public opinion is of you, the individual who trains our programming, or, the gym itself, is 100% warranted. 

Welcome to the new Era of Opus Athletics, where we do more than just CrossFit. (Which has always been true....)


As a gym owner, how do I look at success? Is it by how many members we have? How many clients train per day? By how many Airdyne's we have? Is it how fast someone can do Fran? Or how much they can DeadLift? All of those things are byproducts of what I consider success. 

I feel successful, the gym IS successful when people succeed in life.

  • When a young teenager trains with us, learns how to properly use his body. Meaning, can properly do all forms of functional movements. Learns the value of hard work and training. Takes his new and improved fitness to the playing field, and becomes a better athlete, a better teammate, a better leader, and a better role model.  That is success. That young teenager didn't train with us 12 months of the year. So it's not about membership or attendance, or any business data point, it's about the person.
  • We've seen people run 1/2 marathons with confidence. Run from the valley to peak with no specific training. Winning bike races. Travelling the world on bikes telling storey's- (That's no typo!) That's success!
  • Let's not forget you, who had some pretty chronic pain. So much so that the outdoor sports that were so much a part of who you are, could no longer be enjoyed But are now back in the mix and stronger than ever. That is success. 
  • And how about the confidence you bring to your world outside the gym. That feeling you get by overcoming physical obstacle every day, translates itself in to the workplace and your personal life. Where you are no longer shy or intimidated to take chances and chase your dreams. That is success. 
  • And what about the countless confident young Mom's out there. Taking on the most breathtaking life experiences one can ever encounter in; Pregnancy, Child Birth, and Motherhood. All of which are flourishing beyond belief. Having the guidance from all of you, the community, and the confidence you instil, our next generation is sure to be ready to guide us in to a bright future. That is success.

YES, that is success. And it is all around our community. It's not just measured by how you look in them jeans. Or, whether you are better at the sports you love. It's a product of being a better you. And at the end of another year, I can't help but think of all those successes! I am proud to be a small part in that. And is why I will always have the most rewarding job on the planet!

2016-Time to look ahead

Before I started training CrossFit, I was big in to New Year's resolutions. Somehow, since then, not so much. Part of which is due to the fact that CrossFit keeps me motivated. But, more importantly allows me to continually smash my fitness goals, my life goals. What I tend to more of during this time of year is to be thankful for my family, my health, and to keep that a priority going forward. But.... it doesn't mean that there aren't goals to look forward to in 2016.

some 2016 goals 

January opus vita challenge

Starting Monday January 4th, you are all invited to kick off the New Year right! Introducing our new Nutrition and Fitness Challenge called the Opus Vita. We will set up a point system on how to track staying on top of your fitness, as well diet too. For the remainder of month we hope to challenge you to be a better you. Both diet and lifestyle to start off 2016 in the right direction, and never look back!

2016 crossfit open

It happens every year. And it is CrossFit at it's purist. Random, measurable, and challenging tests. Get yourself geared up, starting February 25th, once a week for 5 weeks CrossFit will put out a workout. And, for those participating, which I hope is every single one of you, will do that workout and submit a score. Yes, there will be a few of you who are actually competing in the Open for something- a chance to qualify for Regional competition, and eventually the games. But most, I'd guestimate over 99% of those registered in the world are doing it for fun. For a chance to challenge themselves. For no other reason than for the challenge itself. In fact, I've had a few email enquiries already for guests hoping to participate at our gym who are visiting Whistler during the Open schedule. For all of you, I hope that you are going to add this to your goals of 2016.

running races, triathlons, bike races

There's too many to list. But I do know that many of you fancy yourself a marathon. Or a half marathon, or a 5k, or a mini tri, or the Gran Fondo, or...... There's too many out there to list. I am hoping that come summer, you guys have something fun and outdoors as part of your list of events to do. One of my personal goals was to get as many of you as possible signed up and registered for either the Whistler half marathon or 10km or 5km. Of course it doesn't have to be you doing it with me. But it could be, and it should be. It's a local event, put on by a great local herself, Christine Suter, who is always a pleasure to support. It doesn't have to be the Whistler run, it could be anything your heart desires. Giving yourself an endurance goal over the summer is a great way to make your training accountable going forward. 

Crossfit competitions

Summer and Fall seems to be the season for a CrossFit throwdown. There are a few events that our crew have always had a great time with, and that could/should be something you keep on your radar. Uncle Rob's CrossFit Burnaby confederation cup. Jesse and Heather's CrossFit Squamish Fall Challenge. Plus many more that are a short drive away. 

start with a goal

Your goals don't have to align with mine, but, you should have some. Accountability is key to successful training. Having tangible goals, something to train for is what can make the difference between having a hard time waking up only to skip that 6am class, or staying consistent with your training and making it happen. I hope our Opus Vita Challenge can start the new year off right! I know it will for me. And I don't have any intention on looking back.

Finish Strong

All of what you do here, at the gym, is all about helping you be successful in all walks of life. Not just fitness. There are certain constants in life that can never been ignored. And I am not talking about death and taxes. I am talking about hard work and success. And you can consider or measure success any way you'd like. No matter how you come up with your formula of success, it doesn't come without hard work. It doesn't come without effort. It surely doesn't happen by accident. This rollercoaster ride we are on, can take you wherever you want to go. Make sure you are strapped in, and ready for ups and downs that lie ahead. Those that are geared up and ready to finish strong, have nothing but good fortune ahead. And I hope nothing more than for your successes going forward.