A rose by any other name

With the launching of our new Website, there's no hiding that we go by a new name. Opus Athletics. We are still the home of CrossFit Whistler, and train mostly CrossFit, but, we call ourselves something a little different. Because we, just like every other CrossFit gym out there does more than just CrossFit.

Why Opus Athletics?

Reason #1- Family Lineage.

My late father owned a Stereo Store when I was kid called....."Opus Audio." To use Opus as our business name seemed like a perfect way to honour his memory, to create a legacy beyond his years. 

Reason #2-Then there's the word itself, OPUS.

By definition in a musical context: "one of the compositions of a composer"

Which is what we are chasing for our rebrand. To be known by the composition of what we do within our four walls. By what we offer to our clients. And by what we represent within our community. We are CrossFit by every sense of the word, but from now on we can be known by what we actually create and do. Not by what people think we do based on the word "CrossFit".

Are we still CrossFit Whistler?

Yes, 100%! I want us to be known as Opus Athletics, the home of CrossFit Whistler.

We do all things CrossFit. We train constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensities. We participate in the open, we hit benchmarks, encourage our clients to pursue fitness challenges. We are everything CrossFit embraces, we just want to be known by more than just CrossFit!

If we are CrossFit, then why change our name at all?

Well, it's pretty simple. Unfortunately people like to form opinions on things they don't know all that much about. CrossFit along with the help of Social Media has made an impression on everyone. And that impression has left the public with the idea of either.... Yeah, I want to try CrossFit... Or... CrossFit is not for me. 

And the sad thing about those who have already made their mind up about CrossFit, is that so many of them would fall in love with our gym and our program. The only true deterrent for those seeking an incredible training environment is that C word. Nothing about what we do inside the four walls of our gym. Now here's our chance! 


The goal going forward to be exactly who we are. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, more really, as we are always looking to improve on the services we deliver. With that can lead to a few more specialty classes. Think of the endurance classes, the gymnastic classes, etc.... Only now we are "Licensed" to offer them a little more if that's what our community is asking for. 

So keep your eyes on that schedule to see what type of classes are being offered. The first little tweak to the schedule is an evening barbell class.